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Your Degree
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Your Degree
You’ll need to understand the requirements for your specific program so that you can ensure you are meeting your requirements to graduate.
Undergraduate Calendar

The Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar outlines all of the degree, major, and minor requirements as well as University regulations.

  • The calendar is your legal contract with the University and sets out all of the rules related to students.
  • The Undergraduate Calendar that applies to you is the one for the year you start in the Faculty of Arts. Accessing the correct version of the Undergraduate Calendar is important because it changes from year to year, and you’ll need to follow the specific faculty and program requirements for your year.
  • If you have questions about which calendar and requirements you show follow or how to interpret what you find in the calendar, your academic advisor is the one to ask. 
Degree requirements at a glance
Here is a quick summary of the overall requirements for your degree. Look for details in the Undergraduate Calendar for the year you started in the Faculty of Arts.
The University of Waterloo uses a number of terms that you might not be familiar with. To interpret requirements and instructions, you’ll need to know what they mean. Definitions are available from the Glossary of Terms in the Undergraduate Studies Calendar.