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Move In - Out Dates
At St. Jerome’s University, we house students in the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Move-In Days for these terms are outlined below.
Fall 2020
Incoming First Years:
Friday, September 4th, 2020
Upper Year Move-In:
Sunday, September 6th, 2020
1-5 PM
*Note: Move-In Day for the Fall 2020 Term will experience some changes from our typical move-in day process. Please be sure to check back on our website and/or your assigned UWaterloo email address for updates from St. Jerome's University. We commit to sharing information as quickly as we are able so that you can make plans for arriving to campus.  
Winter 2021
Sunday, January 3rd, 2020
12PM and beyond
Spring 2021
Sunday May 2nd, 2020
9AM and beyond
Students will hear from the residence office approximately two weeks prior to move-in regarding procedures, timing, and logistics.
COVID-19 Residence Move-In FAQs 

Q: I’m trying to make my travel plans, can I self isolate in residence for 14 days before move in?  


Students who are travelling to campus and need to  self isolate as per Public Health guidelines will need to do so  prior to moving into residence.  Residence space  can not  be offered to students for this purpose.   


Check back often to the University of Waterloo's Residence Information Page   for a list of options and resources that can help you find a place to stay during this time.  This list should be available by June 26th, 2020.  You can also reach out to SJU by email and we can help direct you to more information about your options.


Students are able to make their own decision of the best accommodation option before moving into residence.  Students will be required to  plan their own activities and make payment directly with the accommodation provider.  


Q:I have a study permit but am not sure that I will be able to travel. When do I have to make my final decision to live in residence in order to receive my deposit refund?  


Any student with a study permit will be provided additional flexibility when finalizing their plans for Fall 2020.  If you are no longer able to come to campus as intended, please let us know.    


If your decision is made once you have a contract, please contact Jess Huston to receive a refund of your residence deposit.    


We understand that plans have and will continue to change as we approach the Fall 2020 term.  Therefore, please let us know before move in if you will not be arriving.  


If you are arriving from out-of-province, internationally, or are travelling from a significant distance, please complete the Early Move-In Request Form on eRezLife by Friday, August 7th, 2020. We can never guarentee that all early-move in requests will be approved. Approval of these requests will be communicated throughout the summer. Early move-in requires these requests to be approved - you will not be granted early-move in unless this approval has been communicated. 

Moving Out
Students are given 24 hours following their final exam in each term to vacate their residence room. For students that don’t have final exams during the exam period, we ask you to vacate your room 24 hours following the final day of class in each term.
Students returning to residence in the Winter term immediately following their stay in the fall, are permitted to leave their belongings in their room during the December holiday break.
Students fulfilling the second half of their eight-month residence contract in the Spring term are required to move all of their belongings out of residence when they leave for the December holiday break.
Moving out of Residence? 
While it may be 'goodbye' from living in residence, you are a part of the SJU community, and are always welcome to remain involved and engaged!
The Upper Year Handbook is a resource for you, compiled by students who've been where you are now and where you are headed. We get it, this time is all at once nerve-wracking, new, and exciting; and we want to offer you the best advice we can from the experiences we've had.