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Upper Year Scholarships
Each term St. Jerome's University awards scholarships and bursaries on behalf of our generous donors.  The awards which you are about to apply for have more specific criteria than others that St. Jerome's offers.
Upper-Year Scholarships
Each year St. Jerome's University offers a number of upper-year scholarships to students who are co-registered through St. Jerome's and are in at least their 2A term.  In addition, we are pleased to offer awards to deserving students and residents within the broader St. Jerome's community that require a short online application.
Scholarship / Bursary
Application-based scholarships
$1,000 - $2,500
Applications for Application Based Scholarships are due on June 3, 2024.
- Application-based scholarship opportunities can be viewed online 
President’s Scholarship of Distinction Add-Ons
$1,500 International Experience Award and/or;
$1,500 Research Award
 - Visit the President's Scholarship web page for complete eligibility details
DRAGEN Lab Black or Indigenous Scholarship $2,500


- Black or Indigenous undergraduate or graduate student in a degree program

- Minimum 75% cumulative average

- Essay describing the positive impact on your community through extracurricular and volunteer involvement

- Completing a DRAGEN Lab Internship

- Canadian citizen/permanent resident

- Include a self-identity statement. As part of your application statement please include a paragraph regarding your self-identity as a Black or Indigenous student.

Visit this Application Form for more information and to apply.

Other Scholarship Opportunities
St. Jerome’s University Arts students may be eligible for scholarships from the Faculty of Arts.
Additional Waterloo Scholarship information can be found at Find Out More.
Application Based Scholarships
Winter 2024 Application Based Scholarship applications are now open! All applications are due on February 1, 2024. 

Please click the image icon below to download the application:


Application-based scholarship opportunities can be viewed online.


The application question is as follows:

In a 350-400 word essay, critically reflect on your community, leadership, and learning experiences at SJU, the University of Waterloo, and beyond, and the impact they have had on you. What have you learned about yourself, your values, your communities, and/or social justice?

In addition to the essay, all students will be required to submit a resume and have the option to submit their co-curricular record.


Please be sure to read eligiblity requirements and application process carefully before submitting your application. 


Glossary of Terms
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Academic Achievement 
Academic achievement is assessed relative to program and faculty requirements. Students must be in good academic standing to be considered for academic achievement related scholarships or awards.
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Diocese of Hamilton 
The Diocese of Hamilton is a governing body of Catholic parishes and the seven school boards in the deaneries of Brant, Bruce-Grey, Halton, Hamilton, Waterloo, and Wellington. Find out if your school is within the Diocese.
Financial Need vs. OSAP-eligible 
Usually, OSAP-eligibility (applied for or eligible to receive funding from OSAP) is a satisfactory indication of financial need. We do recognize that there are circumstances in which a student requires other aid. This will be assessed on an individual basis.
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Graduate of a Catholic High School 
Graduates of high schools governed by a Catholic school board are eligible to receive these awards. Regional criteria may apply.
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Leadership and/or Community Involvement 
This designates a student who has led or participated in volunteerism, extra-curricular activities, and/or student life.
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Mature Student
Students may be considered as a mature student if they have been away from secondary school for some time, normally four years.
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Transfer Student
Students who have previously attended a university or college outside of the University of Waterloo, and have decided to pursue their undergraduate degree at St. Jerome’s and the University of Waterloo.
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Incoming Student vs. Upper-Year Student
This designation refers to students who are entering or have just begun their 1A term, whereas upper-year students have enrolled in at least their 2A academic term.
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A scholarship is granted on a competitive basis, rewarding outstanding academic achievement. Financial need is not necessarily considered. Selection criteria such as extra-curricular involvement, volunteer work, and leadership may also be taken into account.