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First Year Residents

We’re glad you’ll be joining us next year as you begin your journey into University life. At St. Jerome’s Residence, we pride ourselves on providing students with a one-of-kind residential experience. With a combination of diverse residence life programming, opportunities to connect what you learn in the classroom with your residence experience, community service and experiential learning opportunities, we provide residents with a truly unique experience.


IMPORTANT: Please read this before you get started


Residence Contracts at the University of Waterloo and St. Jerome's consist of an eight-month contract comprised of two four-month academic terms. Students can choose to live in residence during the following term combinations:

 Fall 2022 and Winter 2023; OR
 Fall 2022 and Spring 2023


Please note that at this point, you are only confirming details for the first term (Fall 2022) of your eight-month contract. By confirming your Fall 2022 residency, you will also automatically reserve your space in Residence at St. Jerome’s for either the Winter 2023 term or the Spring 2023 term. We will contact you in the near future to confirm the second half of your contract (Winter 2023 or Spring 2023). Not to worry though, your space with us for all eight months will be reserved once you complete this process!


For specific information about residence fees, facilities, your residence contract and handbook, and our comprehensive, all-inclusive meal plan, please consult the appropriate areas of this site!

Information for Families and Caregivers

Due to COVID-19 and our continued efforts to stay connected with students and their families in a virtual setting, we have prepared an adapted resource for families and caregivers. We call it "A Guide to the First Year in Residence and the St. Jerome's Community."


In this resource, you'll find lots of helpful tips, Frequently Asked Questions and people to connect with at St. Jerome's to have those questions answered, as well as updates about our student life programming and how students will be able to be able to build connections in our new virtual environment. 


You can access this resource here.

Confirm Your Spot

I've received an offer, how do I confirm my spot at SJU? 
If you’ve received an email offer from St. Jerome’s Residence as part of the First Year Guarantee Residence Application (usually in mid June!), you’ll have to confirm your place in residence, accept your contract and complete our Lifestyle Preferences Form. Just follow the steps below to secure your spot at SJU:
  1. After following the link below, a new window will open. Click on, "Activate Account" and follow the prompts (you will need your Student ID #).
  2. Once you have entered your information you will be e-mailed a unique username and password that will enable you to log in to eRezLife, our residence database and confirmation portal. This email will come from so watch your junk mail box.
  3. Work through each portion of the confirmation. You can save your responses as you go along, logout and log back in to complete your responses.
  4. Be sure to take your time to complete the Lifestyle Preferences Form honestly and thoroughly with as much information as you can provide. The information you submit here will become the basis for your room allocation!
  5. The deadline to complete and submit the online residence confirmation and Lifestyle Preferences Form is Tuesday June 21, 2022 at 11:59 P.M.

Roommates & Room Allocations

If you’re living away from home for the first time, you might be a little nervous about sharing your space with a roommate. You’ll be glad to know that our hand-matching process will increase your odds of a positive relationship. And you might also like to hear about the countless students before you who have found lifelong friendships in residence. 


When will I find out about my room type and roommate?  


St. Jerome's completes its room allocation process toward the end of August. Approximately half of our beds are in single rooms and the other half are in double rooms.  


When making single room allocations, we start with students that have verified accessibility requirements and have submitted an Accessible Housing Application to the Housing office by June 1st. Remaining single rooms are allocated based on a lottery.  Students who are placed into a single room will receive an additional fee on their fee statement. 


Drawing on their extensive experience in guiding and supporting students in residence, our Residence Dons do their best to find compatible roommates based on similar interests and lifestyles. But they rely on what you tell them on the Lifestyle Preferences Form that you submit when you’re confirming your place in the SJU residence. So this is the time to be honest about yourself! 


Can I Room With a Friend?  


If you and your friend want to live together, we’ll try our best to have that happen. If you’re both offered a space in the SJU Residence, and you’d like to room with each other, both of you should indicate your wishes on the "Roommate Selection" tab of the Lifestyle Preferences Form. We’ll make every effort to grant your request. 

Moving In
Move in Fall 2022

Move in day for all students living in residence will take place on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022. More information will be communicated directly to incoming residents later in the summer. Please be sure to check back on our website and/or your assigned UWaterloo email address for updates from the Residence Team.  We commit to sharing information as quickly as we are able so that you can make plans for arriving to campus. We ask that you please arrive during your designated move in timeslot. This timeslot will be communicated to you before move-in weekend. Due to the volume of students moving in, we cannot accomodate students moving in earlier than the designated schedules on Move-In Day. 


Travelling to Campus

St. Jerome's Residence can be accessed only from a driveway off of Westmount Rd. North (you can't access SJU by vehicle from the Unviersity of Waterloo Ring Rd.). Once you arrive in our driveway, there will be volunteers waiting to direct your vehicle to your designated loading zone and parking area. Free parking is available on site during the day. 

Should you be arriving with a trailer, please make advanced arrangements with the Residence Team as our laneway and turnaround areas are very limited. 


Early Move In

Only students with special extenuating circumstances (out of province/international students) can apply to move in early. Please complete the Early Arrival Form form on eRezLife by Friday, August 16th, 2022. Approval of these requests will be communicated throughout the summer. Early move-in requires these requests to be approved - you will not be granted early-move in unless this approval has been communicated. The residence building supports our conference services and is often occupied to the end of the summer.


Waiting list

First Year Students should complete the First Year Housing Guarantee application to apply for a space in Residence. For more information about this process can be found here:

If you missed the deadline please fill out the Residence Community Interest Form

What to Bring to Residence

School Supplies

  • computer and printer
  • back pack
  • binders, paper, and notebooks
  • pens and pencils
  • stapler, scissors, ruler, pencil sharpener, three hole punch
  • computer paper
  • paper clips

Clothing and Laundry

  • clothes
  • shoes suitable for walking
  • slippers
  • bathrobe
  • hangers
  • laundry basket/bag + detergent/softener
  • umbrella

Bath and Grooming

  • shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, razor and other toiletries
  • a container to transport toiletries to and from the washroom
  • flip flops for the shower
  • towels and wash cloths
  • hair dryer
  • hygiene products
  • tissues

Bedding and Decoration

  • twin XL (single) size sheets and blankets
  • pillow
  • photos of friends and family
  • posters and room decorations (the Residence Office will provide students with approved adhesives)

Appliances and Electronics

  • desk lamp (not halogen)
  • automatic shut-off coffee maker or kettle
  • power bar with a surge protector
  • headphones
  • music and movies
  • camera


  • WatCard (if you have it already)
  • health card
  • bank card
  • driver's license/other ID card


  • snacks and drinks, water filter
  • basic dishes - bowl, coffee mug, water glass, basic cutlery and dish soap
  • bicycle and helmet
  • door stopper
  • cleaning supplies (e.g. swiffer, windex, etc.)

What not to Bring

  • candles or incense
  • halogen lamps
  • heaters or heat lamps
  • air conditioner
  • cooking appliances (hot plates, toasters, rice cookers, microwaves, crock pots etc. are not allowed in residence rooms)
  • your own furniture (University provided furniture cannot be removed from the room)
  • pets (not allowed in residence)
  • illegal substances, materials or weapons

There isn’t a lot of extra space in your room for suitcases and containers so collapsible duffel bags or boxes are best.