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First Year Residents

St Jerome’s is excited to welcome you this fall! The St. Jerome’s residence experience is truly unique in that it encourages community building, whole person development and integrates learning into all facets of life! Come excited to connect with others, take part in experiences that will nurture and challenge you, and have a lot of fun! 


Please read all FAQ’s below for important next steps and to prepare you for the term ahead!  



What does a two-term academic residence offer mean?

You have been offered an eight-month residence contract comprised of two four-month academic terms. You can choose to live in residence during the following term combinations: 

  • fall 2024 and winter 2025; OR 
  • fall 2024 and spring 2025 


By confirming your fall 2024 residency, you will also automatically reserve your space in Residence at St. Jerome’s for either the winter 2025 term or the spring 2025 term. We will contact you in the near future to confirm the second half of your contract (winter 2025 or spring 2025).  

What if I only want to live at SJU in the fall? Or what if I decide I don’t want to live at SJU in the winter after I sign my contract?

Note: not completing both contracted terms is considered breaking your contract and could result in being charged the entirety of the fees associated with your two-term contract as outlined in the St. Jerome’s residence contract and handbook.  

Confirm Your Residence Spot

If you’ve received an email offer from St. Jerome’s Residence, you’ll have to follow the steps below to accept your offer and confirm your place.   
  1. Activate your eRezLife account by visiting and follow the prompts (you will need your UWaterloo Student Number)  
  1. Check your email and find your unique username and password that will enable you to log into eRezLife. Check your junk, and spam boxes if needed.   
  1. Log into eRezLife and work through each portion of the confirmation. Save responses as you go and log in and out of the portal as needed.  There will be two forms for you to fill in order to confirm your residence space.  
    • Your ‘Profile’ 
    • The ‘Fall 2024 Housing Application’  
Your profile will ask name, address, emergency contact, etc. The Housing Application will ask you details about who you are. This information helps the residence team assign rooms, create roommate matches and floor communities.  
  1. Read the residence handbook and contract before completing the confirmation process. The SJU residence contract is embedded in the confirmation process, and it is important that you understand the legal contract you are signing, and the guidelines and policies of the residence you will be joining. 
The deadline to complete your Profile and Housing Application to confirm your residence offer acceptance is Monday June 24, 2024 at 11:59 P.M. 

Will I have a single or double room, and when will I find out?

You will find out your room style in late-August after completion of Community Hub.


The Residence and Community Life Team uses the information you share in your Housing Application Form to create residence floors and roommate matches. This process helps the residence life team make intentional roommate matches and create residence floors comprised of folks with broad range of experiences and backgrounds.  


St. Jerome’s is a place that emphasises community building and growth by connecting you with people who think similarly and different then you! This starts with your room allocation and is built on by your engagement in community life!  


Is there a Gender Inclusive floor at SJU? 


Yes. SJU has designated a floor in our residence that is gender inclusive floor allows students of any gender identity. Shared washrooms in this space are gender specific  


Come to St Jerome’s with excitement to get to know fellow community members, and potentially a roommate!  


Please note that single rooms can be allocated based on accessibility accommodations which need to be recommended through Accessible Housing.  


What sort of things would I go through Accessible Housing for and how does it work?

Accessible Housing is a University of Waterloo resource to equitably allocate access to spaces and remove barriers to the residence experience whenever possible. SJU is not able to accommodate every accessibility request but makes every effort to accommodate a range of needs (i.e access to a single use washroom, allocation of a single or AODA residence room, furniture modifications etc.).  


Accessible Housing is a tool that determines, based on case intake and medical documentation, the housing requirements of a student based on a disability/medical condition.  


Please note: 

A disability/medical condition is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual, covers a broad range and degree of conditions, and can be visible or invisible. With the presence of functional limitations in activities of daily living, housing accommodations can be made for medical, sensory, physical, environmental, psychological, allergy/dietary restrictions, or mental health conditions.   


The deadline to register with accessible housing was June 1st. However, if you missed this deadline and would benefit from accommodations provided through Accessible Housing at SJU please fill out the form below ASAP and indicate on your eRez life profile that you will be registering with Accessible Housing, and contact, letting us know that you have completed this process. 


If you apply with Accessible Housing and are recommended accommodations, SJU will be in touch to let you know if those accommodations can be met.  

If I am allocated a single room, is there an additional fee??

Yes. There is an additional fee of $600 per term. If you receive a single room the single room supplement fee, will be added to your quest account. You will receive an email notifying you of charge being posted to your account.

Can I choose a friend as a roommate?

If you and your friend want to live together, we’ll try our best to make that happen.  


When accepting your residence offer you will need to name your desired roommate in the Roommate Selection Tab on eRezLife. If both you, and your friend have named each other, we will make every effort to meet that request.  

When is move-in day and what should I expect?

Move-in day will take place on Saturday, August 31. More information can be found on the SJU move-in webpage which will be updated throughout the summer.

Can I move-in earlier then August 31?

Early move-ins are only accommodated in extenuating circumstances such as out of province travel, varsity athlete training, or student leader training. Due to building use and maintenance requirements, the earliest move-in St. Jerome’s can accommodate is August 28, 2024. No exceptions.  


If you are arriving in advance of this date you will need to find alternative accommodations and St. Jerome’s will not be able to support this.  


All early move-in requests must be submit using the Early Move-In Request Form on eRezlife. The deadline to request an early move-in for fall 2024 is August 11, 2024

Are there any packing recommendations for residence?

Here are a few tips as you begin thinking about what to pack for the fall! 


Regardless of your room type you will be provided a desk, chair, bed, small refrigerator, storage space for clothes, and window blinds.  


What you Should Bring: 

  • twin XL (single) size sheets and blankets blanket 
  • pillow 
  • clothes hangers 
  • towels 
  • clothes 
  • school supplies 
  • toiletries 
  • high efficiency laundry detergent 
  • cables for printers, or to connect your laptop to a TV  
  • cleaning supplies (e.g. swiffer, windex, etc.) 
  • flip flops for the shower 
  • door stopper (to help keep your door open and get to know your neighbours) 
  • combination lock 
  • small garbage bag 
  • 3M wall stickes 
  • a plate and cutlery (for your use in the Buttery)


What you Could Bring: 

  • inexpensive bike 
  • kettle 
  • hockey equipment 
  • lamp 
  • plants 
  • musical instruments 
  • snacks (for late night studying) 
  • fish (in bowl not in tank) 


What you Shouldn’t Bring: 

  • pets (exceptions will be made for fish in bowls or pets that have been approved with Accessibility Services) 
  • cooking appliances (hot plates, toasters, rice cookers, microwaves, crock pots, etc. are not allowed in residence rooms) 
  • candles 
  • halogen lamps 
  • heaters or heat lamps 
  • 3D Printer 
  • your own furniture (University provided furniture cannot be removed from the room) 
  • Any adhesives that are not 3M or that will cause wall damage
Can I bring a vehicle to residence? What would parking look like?

St. Jerome’s University provides limited parking for students living in residence. These spaces are located at Resurrection College across Westmount Rd. N and require a parking pass. The lot is approximately a 5–7-minute walk from SJU residence.  


A parking lottery determines distribution of parking spaces. Students will be asked if they would like to put their name forward to participate in a parking lottery. Once the lottery closes, passes are distributed at a rate of $208.50 + HST.


Passes are assigned and purchased on a termly bases and a parking pass in the fall does not guarantee a pass for the winter or spring term.  


If you have special reasoning or accommodation considerations that you believe should be prioritized for parking, please contact giving the reason.  


What about refunds? 


Unfortunately, once distributed, St. Jerome’s University does not refund charges for parking passes. 


What happens if I don’t get a spot at St. Jerome’s University through the Parking Lottery? 


Additional parking passes can be obtained through the University of Waterloo Parking Services. SJU will let you now the status of your parking pass application before the deadline to apply for University of Waterloo Parking Services.  

What are the residence room dimensions and what are the other spaces like in residence?  

You can find the answer that question and more over at the residence facilities page. Go check it out! 


For specific information about residence fees, facilities, your residence contract and handbook, and our comprehensive, all-inclusive meal plan, please visit the linked pages!