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Jessica Vorsteveld
Director, Student Affairs
519-884-8111 x 28227
Stephanie Zepf
Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
519-884-8111 x 28254


27 May, 2022
02:00 pm
09 Jun, 2022
06:00 pm


The Student Affairs team at St. Jerome's University exists to facilitate and encourage a transformative student experience. Our team works to create healthy and accessible learning environments, to encourage students to take ownership and accountability in advocating for their own unique student experience, and to foster opportunities for growth and leadership development.


If you have any questions, or suggestions about how we can support you during your time at SJU, please let us know. Our doors are always open.

Director, Student Affairs

Office: SH 1008

Ext: 28227



Ask me about anything in Student Affairs: from residence life and student outreach, to special activities and service learning. Have ideas about student engagement around campus? I want to hear them! 

John Arnou

Student Advisor

Office: Sweeney Hall 1014A

Ext: 28241



Ask me about academic advising, student support and wellness, and residence life. I can help you navigate your SJU experience, and ensure that you are aware of all of the supports, resources, and opportunities available to you.

Emily Litster

Student Advisor

Office: Sweeney Hall 1017

Ext: 28241



I advise first-year SJU co-registered students! Ask me anything about your academics, how to succeed in university courses, declaring your major, and navigating your first-year on campus! I’ll help to point you in the right direction of great campus resources, cool opportunities and supports that are available to you.

Melissa Carvalhal

Interim Manager, Residence and Business Operations

Office: Sweeney Hall 1222

Ext: 28209



Ask me about applying to and living in residence including the residence experience, food services, and student support.

Jamie Hall

Residence Life Coordinator

Office: Sweeney Hall 1007

Ext: 28310



Ask me about the resources available to you in residence, how to get involved in residence initiatives, your transition into independent living, or any other questions or concerns that you have about your residence experience! 

Wellness Coordinator

Office: Sweeney Hall 1016

Ext: 28361



Ask me about healthy campus initiatives and student wellness resources on campus, or drop by with your personal questions about mental wellness! 

Michelle Metzger

Interim, Residence and Service Learning Coordinator

Office: Sweeney Hall 1010

Ext: 28282



Ask me about how to get involved in SJU's local and international service learning initiatives, the resources available to you in residence, and any other question or concerns you have about your residence experience!

Sean Hayes

Director, Campus Ministry

Office: SJ1 1024

Ext: 28215



Ask me about SJU's Campus Ministry initiatives, including programming, outreach, and worship, as well as questions about your own spiritual development! Have an idea about how to make our spirituality centre more inclusive to all? I'd love to hear them! 

Erika Toffelmire

Spiritual and Student Development Advisor

Office: SH 1015

Ext: 28220



Ask me about student leadership at SJU, connecting with the worshipping community, and spiritual, personal, and professional growth! 

Community Life Assistant

Office: SH 1014

Ext: 28264



Ask me about ways to get involved in the SJU community, and how to meet fellow students whether you live in residence, or off-campus! 

Student Development Advisor

Office: SH 1015

Ext: 28220



Ask me about student leadership at SJU, connecting with the SJU and broader community, and personal and professional growth!

Student Affairs Administrative Assistant

Office: SH 1019

Ext: 28254



Ask me about scholarships, academic forms, student leadership at SJU, and day-to-day logistical questions about your life in residence!