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Residence Contract & Handbook
St. Jerome’s University Mission Statement


St. Jerome's University is a public Roman Catholic University federated with the University of Waterloo, historically associated with the educational vision of the Congregation of the Resurrection.  We are committed to learning and academic excellence; the gospel of values of love, truth and justice; and the formation of leaders for the service of the community and the Church.  In all of our activities and practices, St. Jerome's University functions within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition and the principles of academic freedom.

The SJU Residence Experience


Our pride is our community: the friendships, the spirit, the common interests, the shared responsibility and the call to action. It gives us energy, it gives us perspective, it gives us pause. It’s the debate in class that becomes conversation over dinner and draws us together as lifelong friends.  As residents of St. Jerome’s University, we are a community that represents diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance.


Our tradition - giving hundreds of hours to local charities, sporting team colours to cheer on our floor mates, 300 friends gathering to sing “happy birthday”, community meals, quirky and intriguing roommates who share their care packages and make sure we’re always up for class.


We’re deeply engaged: In our studies, in our interests, in our communities and abroad. We’re curious, inspired, committed and we value the interconnectedness of our global community. We’re partners in sustainability and environmentalism. We’re dreamers, doers, talkers and actors.


And so - we’re proud of our community.  Proud to be part of 150 years of active social justice and community service that is strongly linked with academic success and our mission to educate the “whole person”. We’re also proud of our Catholic values, unique traditions, mealtime rituals and that genuine feeling that everyone counts, everyone contributes and everyone has something to offer.


Living is learning. It starts with you, it lives in every room and it is the one thing that will stay with you forever.


Living in Residence


A residence is much more than a convenient place to live on campus--it is a place to learn and to grow. In addition to the academic challenges that you will experience at university, the daily experience of living with other students will challenge you to expand your awareness and understanding of yourself and others. You will establish some lasting friendships. You will have an opportunity to contribute to the quality of university and residence life.


Moving into residence means moving into a new community. You will have many opportunities to get involved. There will be numerous committees, activities and events that will allow you to interact with other residents, develop friendships, and build community. Moving into residence also means learning to live with others. Living together requires that each resident take responsibility for the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation necessary for successful community living. This means that: 


  • Each resident must be considerate of the  privacy and property of other residents;
  • An atmosphere conducive to study and rest be maintained;
  • Courtesy and respect be shown to other residents, the residence staff, the kitchen staff and the cleaning and maintenance staff;
  • Each resident has the right and the obligation to remind other residents of their responsibilities to the residence community and the standards and expectations of the residence community at St. Jerome's;
  • Intimidation, harassment, or acts of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion, national origin, handicap, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any protected ground under the Human Rights Code will not be tolerated by the University.


Residents must comply with requests made by residence staff and University officials. These requests include those pertaining to established regulations, policies and guidelines. They also include attending community and/or individual meetings. The conduct of residents is governed by both the Residence Handbook and Contract, as well as other residence guidelines and directives issued by St. Jerome’s University and the University of Waterloo.


Residence Handbook and Contract


This handbook is designed to give you the information you need about residence at St. Jerome's University. Please read the contents carefully. If you have never lived in residence, this handbook will provide you with an introduction to many facets of the residence life experience.


The Director of Student Affairs reserves the right to amend, alter or add to the policies of the residence at any time.  The Director of Student Affairs reserves the right to take any steps necessary to preserve the safety, security and well-being of the residents and/or residence property.  Such steps include, but are not restricted to, the right to terminate a residence contract without financial penalty to the residence.


The 2022-2023 Residence Handbook is considered part of your Residence Contract and you are therefore bound by its terms and conditions. Please review both documents carefully.


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