Student Life
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Your degree will be one of your most valuable assets ever, so tracking your costs and figuring out how to cover them is crucial. The good news is that Student Success Services can help you navigate the processes, requirements, terminology, and deadlines. Think of us as investment counsellors who will help you find the people and resources you need. And we’ll be here for you the whole time you’re engaged in your multi-year venture at the University!
So take a look at the information and links we’ve put together – you owe it to your future self to get the facts!
Each year, St. Jerome's University offers a number of entrance scholarships to students who are registered through St. Jerome's and are entering their first year of undergraduate studies directly from secondary school.
Scholarship fees
St. Jerome's offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries to deserving upper-year students who are connected to our community each term. These are made possible by our generous donors.
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Find additional information on other bursaries, tuition, OSAP, & financial planning.