Future Students
Tuition and Fees
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Fees and Financing

University will be a major investment of time and money. Will it be worth it? No question. But even though your degree might not come with a money-back guarantee, what we can say for sure is that your mind, heart, spirit, and life will be permanently enriched.


You owe it to yourself to find out everything you can about what it will cost and how to get help with those costs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • St. Jerome’s $$ = Waterloo $$ - the St. Jerome’s-Waterloo integration means that your tuition and other fees are identical to those paid by main-campus students. In fact, the University of Waterloo’s Finance department looks after calculating and collecting all your payments.
  • Two sets of scholarships – St. Jerome’s University Student Success Office will handle most of your entrance scholarships and other awards, and you could qualify for additional scholarships through Waterloo as well.
  • Outside help – If you need additional funds, you can apply for financial assistance, which can mean bursaries and/or government aid.
  • The co­-op contribution – By joining Waterloo’s world-renowned co-op program – the largest of its kind in North America – any St. Jerome’s University student can tap into that network of more than 7,500 co-op employers. As you explore your interests, expand your professional network, clarify your career goals and gain up to two years of paid work experience, you will be creating positive change in the world. On average, Waterloo co-op students earn between $9,000 to $16,000 per work term.
  • Other financial resources – You’ll find other valuable information on the Waterloo website for future students:

St. Jerome’s University has staff that are dedicated to help you through this process. Please reach out to info@sju.ca for more information or assistance.

Tuition and Other Fees
What you need to know
  • At St. Jerome’s University and the University of Waterloo, a school year consists of two four-month academic terms:
    • either back-to-back (regular), e.g., September to April;
    • or alternating with four-month paid work terms (co-op), e.g., September to April and May to August.
  • You pay your tuition and fees for each individual four-month term that you’re enrolled for classes. That means you don’t pay for the entire year (eight months) all at once.
    • Fees below based on 2024-25 tuition rates.
  • After you’ve enrolled in your classes, the precise amount owed will be posted on your account on Quest – Waterloo’s online student information system.
  • You will not be considered officially registered and cannot earn credits toward your degree until you have paid your tuition and fees in full or made arrangements to pay them.


Estimated costs in Canadian dollars

Honours Arts

Honours Arts and Business

Domestic Students

(Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident)

International Students

(Study Permit)

First-year tuition (2 academic terms/8 months)



Books and supplies for 8 months



Co-op programs



Residence fees for the St. Jerome’s University Residence, including your meal plan – other residences will have different fees that might not include meals.

$14,698 - $15,898*

$14,698 - $15,898*


  • **This amount is per 4-month term (payable for the study term just before each co-op work term)
  • You can estimate your own persona costs using the Interactive Budget planning tool on the Waterloo website for future students.
St. Jerome’s University Entrance Scholarships
Program / Award
Range of scholarship
Board of Governor's Scholarship
$3,000 first-year;
$2,000 available in upper-years
- Academic performance
- Honours Arts/Arts & Business
President's Scholarship of Distinction
$2,000 Entrance Scholarship;
$1,500 International Experience Award and/or;
$1,500 Research Award
Open to students admitted to full-time first-year degree studies at St. Jerome's who are beginning post-secondary studies for the first time in fall 2025.
- Early May admission average of 95%+
- Arts
- Visit the President's Scholarship web page for complete eligibility details
President's Scholarship
Open to students admitted to full-time first-year degree studies at St. Jerome’s University, who are beginning post-secondary studies for the first time in fall 2025.
- Early May admission average of 90%+
- Arts
Arts Entrance Scholarship


- Academic performance
- St. Jerome's Arts applicants are also eligible for some University of Waterloo named scholarships
- Mid-May admission average of 85-89.9%
Founder's Scholarship
One student each from selected Roman Catholic schools in Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and North Bay.
- Academic performance
- May be awarded in addition to a St. Jerome's entrance scholarship

September 2025
One student from one of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board's secondary schools or continuing education sites.
- Registered at St. Jerome's University in first year
September 2025
Red Seal Scholarship
Students graduating from Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Wellington School board with a Specialist High Skills Major (Red Seal) will be given a $500 scholarship.
To claim this scholarship, students must submit their high school diploma to the Registrar's Office by the indicated deadline
Automatic 2025 
Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario Catholic Student Award
Students beginning studies at St. Jerome's University in the Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business program in fall 2025; or beginning studies at the University of Waterloo and living in residence at St. Jerome’s University beginning in fall 2025.
- Connect with your Guidance Counsellor for more details.
March 3rd 2025
The Roslyn and Hubert Dietrich Memorial Scholarship
$10,000 for full first-year tuition 
Awarded to an incoming co-registered St. Jerome’s University student who has completed or is completing high school and is beginning full-time first year studies. The student must demonstrate an understanding of, and commitment to, the principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST): respect for the dignity of all persons, a commitment to social justice, and thoughtful contribution to the common good of society, and identify how the funds will help them achieve their long-term goals and aspirations.
- Student to provide a letter of reference from a school counsellor.
Click here for the nomination form. 
March 3rd 2025
The Suzanne (Kuntz) Forth Bursary
Awarded to an incoming co-registered St. Jerome’s University student from a secondary school within any of the Ontario Catholic District School Boards (4 total scholarships available)
- The student must be nominated by a teacher or guidance counsellor from their respective high school. Click here for the nomination form.
- Eligible students must demonstrate financial need
March 3rd 2025
The Joseph & Rosemary Donaldson Bursary
Awarded to up to 5 incoming co-registered St. Jerome’s University students
- Eligible students must demonstrate financial need
Click here for the application form.
March 3rd 2025
The Gordon and Margaret Vanstone Scholarship
Awarded to up to 2 incoming co-registered St. Jerome’s University Students
Click here for the application form.


Other scholarship opportunities
Financial Aid - Government Loans, Bursaries

If the costs of your education are more than you can afford, help is available:

  • Government loan programs – the Ontario version is called the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  • Bursaries


Government loans (OSAP)

Many governments support university students in need by providing funds to pay for their education. If the funding is a loan, you must repay any amounts you receive.


Ontario Residents (as defined by OSAP):


Other loan programs

If you're not an Ontario resident, Student Awards & Financial Aid provides links to government funding in other Canadian provinces and to U.S. and other loan programs.


  • If you are an incoming first-year student who has completed or is completing high school and are beginning full-time first year studies in the fall you can apply for entrance bursaries through your Quest account. Click here for more information: https://uwaterloo.ca/future-students/financing/bursaries
  • Bursary opportunities specifically for students registered at St. Jerome’s University are also available. For eligibility criteria and application instructions please refer to the scholarships chart above


  • The application deadline for a Waterloo Entrance Bursary is in April. You should apply by the deadline even if you haven’t received an offer of admission by then.