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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), accessibility standards regarding customer service, employment, transportation, information and communications have been developed to create a more accessible and barrier free Ontario. AODA standards require organizations to establish a culture of accessibility where persons with disabilities are provided goods and services in a manner that honours their dignity, independence and right to equal opportunity.
St. Jerome’s University’s Accessibility Commitment
St. Jerome's is dedicated to making certain its policies, practices, and procedures align with AODA standards and will continue to make every reasonable effort to remove and prevent accessibility barriers.
When visiting the St. Jerome's campus, persons with disabilities can expect the following courtesies:
  • A person’s disability will be taken into consideration when being communicated with.
  • Service animals and support persons are welcome on campus and within the facilities.
  • Assisted devices are permitted for use by persons with disabilities. St. Jerome's University employees are also available for assistance.
  • Upon request, accessible formats or communication supports will be provided or arranged for persons with disabilities.
  • Notifications pertaining to service disruptions will be place upon the SJU website as well as posted directly within the facilities.
  • All employees and student leaders will receive training regarding AODA standards.
The University's policy,  Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Policy, outlines its committment to an accessible campus. 
Multi-Year Accessibility Plan








Individuals are invited to provide feedback to any department or employee at St. Jerome's or they may contact the HR department directly. Feedback to the HR Department directly may be provided either in person or via written communication to Human Resources. 

Access Closures

Elevator Out of Service

Location: SJ1

Reason:  Major Maintenance

Duration: April 27, 2022, for 5-6 weeks


Access to the second and third floor of SJ (including the library, DRAGEN Lab, Well-Link Lab, classrooms, The New Quarterly office, and Finance and Human Resources departments) is limited to stairs.

Students requiring accommodations should contact the University of Waterloo Accessibility Services at:

For SJU library assistance:

Enquiries may be directed to St. Jerome’s University’s Director, Facilities:




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