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SJU in Peru

SJU in Peru is an international service learning program where students are able to broaden their horizons and understand global, environmental, socio-economic, political and cultural issues through experiences of solidarity and community. During the two week immersive experience, students learn from and work side-by-side with various partners in Lima, and a coffee co-operative - Café Femenino - in Chiclayo. At the center of the SJU in Peru program, is the goal of facilitating an experiential discovery process that helps students begin to understand patterns of consumption and waste, the disparity between the global north and south, the foundations of social justice issues and work, gender inequalities, and the exploitative arrangements built into the marketplace.


Students participate in pre-departure sessions, readings and assignments, a short-term experience in Peru, and a re-integration retreat, all designed to help students take a step outside of their comfort zone to challenge their perspectives and develop more compassionate, respectful understandings of others and the world.