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Off-Campus Community - St. Jerome's at Home
Connecting with your student community is a really important part of the university experience, regardless of where you live. Joining St. Jerome’s Off Campus Community is a great way for you to get to know folks not just in your off-campus community, but in the broader SJ community as well!
When you sign up for the Off-Campus Community, you will join a network of other students in similar situations as you – students with a connection to St. Jerome’s who do not live in the residences. From there, you’ll have the opportunity engage in St. Jerome’s community events (both specific to the OCC and the broader SJU community as well) and gain access to resources and services specific to the needs of an Off-Campus student.
The Off Campus Community is open to any UW undergraduate student with a connection to SJU who is not already living in our on-campus residence this fall. 
This means, you can register if you are: 
  • a first-year co-registered student with SJU 
  • an upper-year co-registered student with SJU,
  • a past resident of SJU

All are welcome to register for this unique opportunity. Register now!

What is an Off-Campus Community Leader?

Off Campus Community Leaders are upper-year students who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They are excited and prepared to walk alongside you as you navigate university life, make friends, and create your own community experience! 


Your Off Campus Community Leaders will organize community events that integrate all participants (including virtual and on campus options where possible), provide you with regular updates about resources and campus life, and provide individualized support including, but not limited to, answering your questions, checking-in to see how you’re doing, and/or connecting you with other relevant resources (for example: wellness resources, academic resources etc.).

Do I need to be co-registered with SJU to participate in the Off Campus Community?

Nope! Past residents of SJU who are not co-registered and want to maintain a connection are invited to this Community as well!   

Do I need to live in Waterloo to participate in this community?

Nope! This program is open to anyone in any geographic location or time zone and will include a variety of in-person and virtual experiences. Off campus community leaders will work to make programming as adaptable and accessible as possible.   

Is this program geared exclusively to first year students?

This program is designed for diversity! Upper year and first year students all have great things to offer this community. We would love for students of all years to participate. 

Who do I contact for more info?

Have a question about the St. Jerome’s at Home Off-Campus Community? Please reach out to: 


Tina Nguyen (she/her)

Residence and Community Life Assistant


Rebekah Dejong (she/her)

Manager, Residence and Community Life