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Residence Facilities
The St. Jerome’s University residence has been designed to foster community through its programs and physical spaces. Many of these amenities and services are located centrally on the main floor of Ryan & Siegfried Halls. There are various spaces and amenities that students should be aware of and should you have any questions, please consult the information below.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Jerome’s University is committed to doing what is necessary to keep our residents safe. In doing so, we are also committed to providing students with the famous St. Jerome’s community feel, though it will look different given the circumstances. The measures we are putting in place come from direct consultation with public health officials. You can read more about our COVID-19 response here.
J.R. Finn Residence Building

We’re excited to open the J.R. Finn Residence Building for the Fall 2022 term to students who are enrolled in full-time courses on campus.


Rooms in J.R. Finn are newly updated, with spacious, fully furnished single rooms. Living in J.R. Finn allows you to access all community resources at St. Jerome’s including our all-you-care-to-eat meal plan, the Buttery program, and access to all amenities across campus, like the fitness room, our gymnasium, music room, and study rooms!


Students living in J.R. Finn are part of our residence community and will be fully integrated in all opportunities given to students living in residence. Each student will be connected to the Residence Don that lives on their floor. Residence Dons are upper-year, student leaders committed to building community in residence. Our Student Activities Team is excited to facilitate fun programs for students to get involved in, including Frost Week, Trivia Nights, Coffee Houses and Community Dinners!


Want to check out our virtual tour of J.R. Finn? Click here


Here's what you'll find in your room: 



Our mattresses are Twin XL measuring 80” long by 36” wide. If you’re looking for linens, we encourage you to buy sheets marked Twin XL. We ask that you keep your own mattress at home! Our mattresses are very comfortable and undergo a frequent cleaning and maintenance program. 



The dimensions of our desks are: 

  • Length: 41.5''
  • Depth: 23.5''
  • Height: 30''


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Our adjustable height beds in residence allow for students to store items underneath! 

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Desk & Chair

Each student living in residence is provided a desk with lockable drawer (bring a combination lock!) and storage area for books.

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We're pleased to provide small table-top mini fridges for our residents. There's just enough space for a few drinks and some late night snacks!


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Our residence is fully wireless and integrated with the University of Waterloo's Eduroam network.


In Room Amenities & Services

Each of our residence suites are equipped with modular furniture and a variety of amenities.


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Our adjustable height beds in residence allow for students to store items underneath! 

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Desk & Chair

Each student living in residence is provided a desk with lockable drawer (bring a combination lock!) and storage area for books.

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We're pleased to provide small table-top mini fridges for our residents. There's just enough space for a few drinks and some late night snacks!

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Sink and Vanity

Each room in residence is outfitted with a sink and vanity for your convenience.

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Our residence is fully wireless and integrated with the University of Waterloo's Eduroam network.

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Air conditioning

Rooms are air conditioned and temperature controlled. Makes for warm winter nights and cool summer days.

Sizing and Dimensions
Our mattresses are Twin XL measuring 80” long by 36” wide. If you’re looking for linens, we encourage you to buy sheets marked Twin XL. We ask that you keep your own mattress at home! Our mattresses are very comfortable and undergo a frequent cleaning and maintenance program. 



The dimensions of our desks are: 

  • Length: 41.5''
  • Depth: 23.5''
  • Height: 30''




Students are responsible for cleaning their own room, for which some cleaning supplies and equipment is available. Cleaning supplies will be made available in each custodial room—in the elevator lobby of each residence floor. The condition of each room is the ultimate responsibility of the student. The onus is on the resident to report any damage or required repairs to a Don or the Residence Office immediately. Cleaning staff are responsible for cleaning the common areas and floor washrooms.


Upon check-out, students who leave their rooms in an unacceptable condition in the opinion of the Director, Student Affairs & Residence Manager, will be assessed a cleaning charge of $200.00. Students who leave residence without having their room checked by a Don, will receive a charge of $50.00.


Residence Rooms, Double & Single
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Residence Floor Plan


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In the design of our new residence community, we are fully compliant with the Accessibility For Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We have made every effort to not only meet the minimum standard, but to design accommodations and amenities that are inclusive to all.


Students that have accessibility needs might find it helpful to arrange a tour of the various residences before determining which residence on campus will best meet their needs.


In order to increase your chances to access specific types of housing, please ensure you:


1. Contact AccessAbility Housing Services with your request for housing accommodations upon admission to the University of Waterloo.


2. Apply to on-campus housing that would suit your specific needs. (If in doubt of the type of housing that you require, AccessAbility Services and/or staff at the specific residences can help).


3. Apply to the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region if you require attendant services. The AccessAbility Services will assist with this.


4. Submit information outlining the rational for your specific housing request, accompanied by documentation supporting your particular request for housing from a medical professional, clinician, etc.


The AccessAbility Services staff will work in collaboration with all Housing Departments in an attempt to meet your needs. Therefore prior notice of your circumstance is appreciated and required by the University in order to best support you in your transition to campus and to accommodate your needs in a timely fashion.


If you would like to discuss your special residence needs, please contact the Residence Office.


Single Rooms

Priority for single rooms is determined based on medical necessity with supporting medical documentation.  Students requiring a single room need to contact AccessAbility Services and make arrangements well in advance of move in day.


Once again, we encourage students to reach out and be upfront about their needs.

Common Areas
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Creative Space


Our very own maker space. Have a creative passion? Need a space with all the right tools and supplies at your fingertips to make, create and inspire? SJU's commitment to providing  students with opportunities to explore their varied interests and hobbies as a way to find balance is reflected in this unique space.



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Games Room


We know that students can sometimes struggle to find balance in the challenging academic environment that is University. That's why we created the SJU Games Hub; a place to work on solving trigonometry problems at the pool table, discover the quantum properties of a ping pong ball in flight, or understand the nuances of software engingeering while you hook up your gaming consoles to our TVs. SJU's games hub is a place to disconnect, take a load off and be a kid again! 



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TV Rooms


Worried about missing the latest episode of your favourite TV shows? SJU has a long-standing tradition of community-television watching. From sitcoms and dramas, to sports and news, our TV rooms have always been (and will continue to be!) a place where residents can share in big television and cinematic moments.



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Open. Light. Warm. Three qualities that were key in the design of this space. The kind of place that residence students can wander through in their slippers and pajamas--like their very own living rooms at home. Centrally located on the main floor of the new residence, the lounge is a common area where the magic of community will happen.  



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Music Room


"We need a place to jam!" That's what our students told us when we were designing our new residence. That's why we created a dedicated jam space for residents to strum some. Stairway and collaborate with each other to create new music. Just bring your instrument; we'll provide the power, drums and software for you to lay down your own sick beats. 



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Study Rooms


There are four group study rooms available to students living in residence at St. Jerome’s University. These are located on the main floor of Ryan & Siegfried Halls. These spaces are equipped with small table, chairs and a white board. Other student spaces are available throughout the St. Jerome’s University and University of Waterloo campuses. For a great list of these, please visit the Library page.


There is wifi available through the residence and community centre. Students access this through the University of Waterloo’s Eduroam network. This is a service available to all students and provides an evolving connectivity given the pace of technology. 


St. Jerome's University does not provide hardwire ethernet connections nor does it allow for students utilize their own. Students are not permitted to connect using a third party vendor Internet Service Provider.  


For more information about connecting, hardware and software requirements, please visit the Information Systems & Technology site at the University of Waterloo. 


There are laundry facilities provided to students on the main floor of Ryan & Siegfried Halls. We allow for unlimited laundry, the cost of which is included within student’s residence fees, so no coins necessary! 


We’ve located our laundry facilities centrally so that students can be close by as their loads finish and clothes dry! 


Students will need to bring their own detergent. Our washers are high efficiency and we recommend liquid detergent. 


There are also drying racks and ironing facilities available. 


If you’re unsure of how to use the laundry machines, please check the “Laundry Tips” poster in the Laundry Room. 


St. Jerome’s University provides limited parking for students living in residence that require a parking pass. These spaces are located at Resurrection College across Westmount Rd. N. The lot is approximately a five minute walk to Ryan & Siegfried Halls.


How do I get a Parking Pass?


These passes must be arranged in advance with Student Affairs. Students will be contacted during the term prior to their stay to put their names forward to participate in the St. Jerome’s University parking lottery. Once the lottery closes, passes are distributed at a rate of $150 + HST. These are payable by cheque (made out to St. Jerome’s University), cash or debit.


For students on 8 month contracts who want parking for the entire duration of the contract term, should indicate so at the time they enter the lottery.


What about refunds?


Unfortunately, once distributed, St. Jerome’s University does not refund charges for parking passes.


What happens if I don’t get a spot at St. Jerome’s University through the Parking Lottery?


Additional parking passes can be obtained through the University of Waterloo Parking Services. This can be obtained on move in day from the Parking Services Office on campus.

Wellness Centre

We are pleased to be one of a small number of residence programs in North America that offers access to fitness, recreational and wellness initiatives within our residence community. At St. Jerome’s University, students are encouraged to consider their physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing as much as they are their intellectual. All aspects of your wellbeing are important!



Education of the whole person. In addition to feeding your mind and spirit, SJU is committed to providing space for you to stay active and stay fit. With the creation of this new space, SJU will launch its own homegrown intramural and recreation program. Nearby showers and locker rooms are conveniently located so that off-campus students can join in the fun.


Fitness Programs


In collaboration with UW Athletics and Recreation as well as various community partners, we offer a suite of wellness programs for students. Watch out for:


  • Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and
  • Mindfulness sessions


Assumption of Risk


By voluntarily participating in St. Jerome’s athletic programs, all participants assume risk of injury. St. Jerome’s University does not accept responsibility for injury or loss incurred by any person participating in activities organized and administered by St. Jerome’s University. Each user is responsible for having their own personal medical, dental, and hospital coverage. Information about Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and Sunlife Financial (Student Supplementary Health Insurance) is available from the Federation of Students.


Participants should follow the guidelines below to enhance personal safety:

  • Have annual physical examinations
  • Warm up and cool down slowly (15 minutes before and after activity).
  • Wear proper and safe equipment appropriate for facility conditions (i.e. footwear, eye protection, helmets, et. al.)
  • Check equipment / facilities to ensure that it is safe and in good condition
  • Report any unsafe equipment or facilities to Student Affairs prior to participating in any activity.


By voluntarily participating and using St. Jerome’s athletics facilities, you agree to adhere to and abide by all rules and policies set forth by Student Affairs. Any Student Affairs staff or volunteer reserve the right to ask you to leave if rules and/or policies are not followed.


In the event of life-threatening injury or emergency, call 911 and inform staff of the situation. First Aid kits, AED units and trained assistance can be found by calling 519-888-4567 ext. 28332


Receiving Mail


The residence office is pleased to receive mail for students living in Ryan Hall, Siegfried Hall and J.R. Finn Residence. 


Student Name

St. Jerome's University, Hall and Floor Level (e.g., Ryan 2, Siegfried 2, Ryan 3, etc.) 

290 Westmount Rd N

Waterloo, ON, Canada

N2L 3G3


Student’s should ensure they change their mailing address upon departing from residence. The residence office can’t track and forward mail once students leave residence. Mail arriving after students move out of residence are returned to the sender.  


All mail that arrives on campus arrives first to Central Stores at the University of Waterloo. It sometimes takes a few days for these items to find their way from Central Stores to St. Jerome’s University.


Courier Services
Parcels and packages arriving via courier service are typically dropped off at St. Jerome’s University front desk at the main entry to Sweeney Hall. Packages requiring payment for duties will only be received if payment has been pre-arranged by the student.  All packages arriving by courier service should be addressed to Central Stores at the University of Waterloo (address noted above), and will arrive at SJU in approximately two business days.


How do I send mail?


There are mailboxes located around campus, but we’re also happy to drop your letters into our outgoing mail. Please drop these off to the Residence Office with appropriate postage. Stamps can be purchased at the turnkey desk in the student life centre.


St. Jerome’s Residence does not have any storage space available for students.  Students moving out of residence must take all their belongings with them.

Garbage & Recycling

St. Jerome’s University does not provide in-room cleaning and/or garbage/recycling removal. When residents' in-room bins are full, they are asked to empty these into the custodial rooms on each level—adjacent to the elevator lobby.


St. Jerome’s University utilizes single-stream recycling which means all paper fibres, cardboard, cans and bottles can go into a single receptacle. Please don’t put garbage bags into the single stream bins!


Security & Access

We pride ourselves in our community and the sense of security and safety that comes from knowing those who live around you.


It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the community safe—so please report anything that seems out of the ordinary to residence staff immediately.


Keys & Fobs

Our Salto system is a keyless magnetic access system. This allows students 24/7 access into the residence building and secure access to their residence pods and rooms.


If you have any issues with your Salto magnetic fob, please contact the residence office immediately.


If you’ve lost your fob, please report it immediately to the Residence Office. There is a $50.00 replacement charge, payable by cash, debit, or cheque (made out to St. Jerome’s University).




Smile—you’re on camera! But only at exterior exits. We have a network of CCTV cameras that allows us to add an additional layer of security at our entrances and exits.

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures
Fire Alarms


Should a fire alarm sound, the major concern is that the residents exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion. When a fire alarm is sounded, all residents must leave the building via their closest exit. Residents who detect a fire should sound the alarm immediately, contact a Don and promptly leave the building.


Fire Safety


Smoke detectors are located in corridors and in each resident's room. Portable fire extinguishers are on each floor. Fire drills and instructions are held periodically. All residents are expected to respond and participate as instructed by their Don. Residence policy prohibits the use of candles, incense or halogen light fixtures. Misuse of any fire equipment, tampering with the fire alarm system, or causing a false alarm are offences under the Criminal Code of Canada and will bring severe penalties, that may include expulsion from residence.


Emergency Procedures


In the event of a major emergency at St. Jerome’s University, please follow the steps outlined below to ensure your safety.


1. Tell Someone. Inform a Don immediately. Yell “fire!”

2. Trigger a fire alarm by pulling a pull station.

3. Evacuate the building immediately

4. Proceed to designated muster points


    We fix things. If you notice something broken in your room or throughout residence, please take the initiative to complete a Facility Request.

    How many students are there in residence?

    Ryan and Siegfried Hall - 360 people, including 12 Dons.

    JR Finn - 38 people, including 2 Dons.


    How many single rooms/double rooms are there?


    In Ryan and Siegfried there are 180 single rooms in the residence and 84 double rooms. Per floor pod, there are 15 single rooms and 7 double rooms plus 1 Don room. In total, each pod houses 30 students (29 students + 1 Don).

    In JR Finn there are 38 single rooms in the residence. Per floor pod, there are 18 single rooms and 1 Don room.


    What does everything measure?
    • Single Room: 13’L x 10’W
    • Double Room: 16’L x 11’W
    • Mattress: Twin XL (80” L x 36” W x 7.5” D)
    • Bed Frame: 82” L x 39” W and roughly 24-32” off the ground (depending on if you have drawers underneath it)
    • Under the sink: 23” D x 30.5” W x 29”H (but the pipes take up about 10” x 10” x 10” of that space)
    • Vanity space: there is a mirror and a sink, with room around the sink for you to put things
    • Mini fridge (17" W x 20" D x 20" H) – fridge only, no freezer


    What is in my room?
    • A double room has: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 1 wardrobe, 4 double drawer sets (that can fit under the bed), 2 hooks on back of door, garbage and recycling, 1 mini fridge, sink and mirror
    • A single room has: 1 bed, 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 wardrobe, 1 3-drawer set (that does not fit under the bed), 1 hook on back of door, garbage and recycling, 1 mini fridge, sink and mirror


    There are no shelves in the room or desk lamps. The only hooks are on the back of the door.


    When will I find out my room assignments? What about my roommate?


    On move-in day. This includes if you have been placed in a single room or a double room.


    If you require a single room for accessibility needs, you must register with AccessAbility Services and also clearly outline your need in your eRezLife profile.


    Due to privacy reasons we do not release roommate information. This includes confirmation of your requested roommate (if you created a roommate group on eRezLife).


    Do men and women share rooms/bathrooms?


    All individual rooms are single gender. Floor pods will be single gender or co-ed; only students that request to be placed on a co-ed floor will be considered for these spaces. Washrooms in residence are single gender; we do have accessible washrooms that are single stall that can be accessed upon request should students require these spaces. 


    Can I nail anything to the walls?

    No. We ask students not to nail anything and to use the adhesives we have provided to hang things up. If you use adhesive hooks (such as 3M or Command Hook) please do not remove them from the wall; let our Facilities team do that at the end of the year.