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27 May, 2022
02:00 pm
09 Jun, 2022
06:00 pm
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Welcome (back) to SJU!  

Please join us from September 5th to 7th for our very own Community Orientation Days!  


Who will attend? 

The SJU Community Orientation is for all:  

  • SJU On-Campus Residents in any year 
  • SJU Off-Campus Community Members in any year (There’s still space, apply here!) 
  • First-Year Co-Registered students (It’s never too late to co-register, click here for info!) 
  • SJU Student Leaders (Please connect with your staff advisor for volunteer info) 


What is Community Orientation all about?  

SJU’s Community Orientation Days are designed to build-on and compliment your orientation experience from UW’s Waterloo Ready program and virtual Orientation Week.  


In our Community Orientation, we’ll focus on getting to know one another SJU-style. Students of all years will participate, giving you the chance to meet your SJU-people right from Day-1. Our program is designed to ensure you have all the SJU-specific info you need to feel at home and introduce you to some community-building tools that will help you to foster a safe and inclusive community experience for yourself and those around you.  


All of us at SJU are excited to welcome you to a new academic year! Whether you are ready to join us in-person, or whether you are taking the re-opening at your own pace, we are here to support your transition and walk alongside you for the journey.  


Join us!  

No registration is required! Simply follow the schedule below and join in as you are able!  



Our Community Orientation has something for everyone! Please take note of the activities that are relevant for you, and whether each activity is offered in-person or virtually! 

Media Folder: 
Arriving on Campus

Where to meet:  


On-Campus Residence Students  
Meet your don in your pod (the common space in the middle of your floor) for your first floor meeting!  


Off-Campus Community and Off-Campus Co-Registered students 
When you arrive on Campus, please make your way to the “Ask Me” Tent in the SJU courtyard to check in! 


All event locations are posted in "Activity and Workshop Descriptions" tab below!  

Media Folder: 

What to bring: 


We ask that you please bring your own mask (even outdoors) and be prepared to follow standard social distancing protocols throughout all our events.  


We suggest bringing a small bag with your own water bottle and personal items. Please note, we will not have a secure location to store personal belongings throughout or in between events.  


Some meals are provided depending on your group (see “Meals” tab below), but you may wish to bring your own personal grab-and-go snacks for in-between. Please consume these outdoors and at a safe distance from others.   

Joining Virtually

Check out the Community Orientation schedule, to see which sessions are offered virtually.  Links for all virtual events have already been emailed to co-registered students, residents, and off-campus community members!


Please contact Michelle ( if you did not receive this email, or if you would like information about joining! 


*Note for Off-Campus Community Members* As needed and insofar as it’s possible, your Off-Campus Community Leaders may create additional opportunities for virtual engagement in otherwise in-person events. Please contact your OCCL if you are interested in exploring this option.  

Activity and Workshop Descriptions

Welcome BBQ (SJU Courtyard)

Join us for a shared outdoor meal to kick-off our orientation days! If you do not live in the residence building, please check in at the “Ask Me” tent in the SJU Courtyard for your meal ticket.  


SJU Dance Off (Finn Green)

SJU has a long history of bonding through silly dances. You don’t need to be outgoing or even much of a dancer to participate! Not comfortable dancing in front of folks you just met? That’s ok! Please come and cheer on your group anyway. This is about meeting friends, getting connected with your “House,” and creating memories together!  


Community Meeting (Virtual)

A phrase we like to use at SJU is “Intentional Community.” What do you think this means? In part, we think this means finding ways to come together to talk about the practical things that impact how we might live well with one another. Whether it’s getting on the same page about how to use and respect common spaces, learning about the resources available to support your wellness, or just taking time to meet the folks who are co-creating this community with you, we find a little bit of real-time communication goes a long way.  

This meeting is highly relevant for both residents and off-campus community members, and we ask seriously that everyone find a way to participate.  


Upstander (Virtual)

Part of living in a community is learning to watch out for one another. This workshop will equip you with simple and practical skills to recognize when you, a friend, or even a stranger might be in trouble (specifically in cases of sexual harassment or abuse) and act to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way. We know this can be a tough topic, but we also know that feeling prepared can make a big difference when we encounter tough situations in real life. Let’s be the kind of community that does the work to make our campus a safer space. 


Choose your own adventure (SJU Courtyard; Finn Green; Community Centre; Academic Centre/SJ2)

Let the adventure begin! You’ll find something for everyone in this evening of fun and community connection. Your Student Affairs team will be found scattered around campus waiting for you to join us in some chill crafting time, lawn games, sports, trivia, and special guest therapy dogs! Please check-in at the “Ask Me” Tent in the SJU Courtyard to get started!  


Meet your academic community (Virtual AND In-Person. Room 1004 in the Academic Centre/SJ2) 

This session is for all SJU Co-registered students in Honours Arts and Honours Arts & Business, AND anyone who might be interested in taking a course with SJU at some point in their academic career. This is a chance to meet the SJU academic community including your professors, library staff, and academic advisors and get to know a bit more about them! You’ll get top tips for how to connect with your profs and get the most out of your courses. Additionally, you’ll learn about ALL the ways you’ll keep connected and work with the Student Affairs Advising Team throughout your first-year.  

Links for the virtual option have been emailed to you. See "Joining Virtually" tab for more details. 


Fostering Inclusive Campus Communities, with Sheliza Jamal! (Virtual)


We are so excited to be inviting Sheliza Jamal to SJU!  


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Sheliza is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is the founder of Curated Leadership, a coaching firm that fosters partnerships with leadership teams, nonprofits, and corporations to develop their knowledge in the areas of equity and diversity to build inclusive communities. As an Equity and Inclusion facilitator and Ontario certified educator, Sheliza brings over a decade of experience using an anti-racist lens in designing curriculum and implementing training and development programs aimed at addressing inequitable outcomes for underserved communities. 


In this workshop, students at all entry points will gain knowledge on key terms and issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion such as the 4 I's of Oppression, Identity, Power, Privilege, Bias Awareness, Microaggression and Allyship. 


Photos and House Dinner (Finn Green)

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up? If you want to go all out – go for it! If dressing up for you means putting on something clean, well that’s great too! We hope you enjoy the occasion, the meal, and the chance to capture this beginning in a group photo. We’ll take photos of each residence floor and the Off-Campus Community. (It’s ok to be in more than one photo!). You’ll be amazed a year from now to look back and see how far you’ve come!  


Movie Theatre Night (Academic Centre/SJ2)

Join us for a night at the cinema! We’ll have feature films playing in several indoor meeting places around campus.  Check in at the “Ask Me” Tent in the Courtyard if you’re not sure where to go. Each viewing room will have a maximum capacity limit posted and will be first-come-first-served. This means if your preferred movie room is full, we kindly ask you to try another.  

House System

When you join the SJ Community, you are automatically placed into one of 4 Houses! If you’re not sure which house you’re in by the beginning of our Community Orientation please ask your Don, Off-Campus Community Leader, or at the “Ask Me” Tent in the SJU Courtyard.  


Some of our out-door in-person events during Community Orientation will invite you to meet in your House groups. Just follow your colour and connect with your folks!  


  • Taylor – Gold/Yellow 
  • Spetz – Red 
  • Zinger – Blue  
  • Leon - Green 

Join us for a meal in the Douglas R. Letson Community Centre! Please pay attention to which meals are provided for your group between September 5-7th:  

  • On-Campus Residents  
    • All meals beginning with Sunday Supper 
  • Off-Campus Community Members  
    • Sunday Supper 
    • Monday Supper 
    • Tuesday Supper
  • All First-Year Co-Registered students (who are not living in residence or members of the Off-Campus Community) 
    • Sunday Supper 
    • Tuesday Supper


How to collect your meal: 

  • On-Campus Residents: Swipe your fob at the till when you exit the cafeteria 
  • Off Campus Community Members: Sign in at the “Ask Me” tent in SJU Courtyard to collect your meal tickets and instructions for your meal.  
  • First-Year Co-Registered students (who are not living in residence nor members of the Off-Campus Community): Sign in at the “Ask Me” tent in SJU Courtyard to collect your meal tickets and instructions for your meal. 
Off-Campus Community

Interested in joining the SJU Off-Campus Community events? This program is open to everyone! Check out the program info and apply here!  


Are you interested in co-registering with SJU? You can choose to co-register at any time in your academic journey. Click here for more information. 

Still have questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to:  


Michelle Metzger 
Residence and Service Learning Program Coordinator, St. Jerome’s University  
519-884-8111 x.28282 
Sweeney Hall: 1010