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Reach Out Mbuya
Reach Out Mbuya - Uganda
Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative (ROM), a Community Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), was founded in 2001 to provide HIV/AIDS care to the urban poor persons living with HIV/AIDS within the service area of Mbuya Catholic Parish and Kasaala-Luweero district since January 2009.
The overall objective of Reach Out is to offer a unique model of care to people living with HIV/AIDS: a model that takes care of the whole person, including the needs of the body, mind, family, and community. 
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ROM began in 2001 when they received funding from Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church. At this time they began to support 14 clients, running their operation in the church hall. By 2002, they were offering counselling and treatment in partnership with Kiswa Health Centre. Roses of Mbuya was started and provided practical skills and employment to ROM clients (ornamental beads and tailoring).


By the end of 2002, clients were registered with the Join Clinical Research Council, an HIV/AIDs research group in Uganda that provided clients with therapy and care services. By 2003, ROM started to deliver their own therapeutic drugs (ARVs). Bread of Life was created to provide subsidised loans to staff, clients and elderly guardians affected/infected with HIV and AIDS to ensure a certain level of financial independence. This has now since been replaced by the Village Savings and Loans Association.


Operation School Fees was also started in 2003 to support 64 children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDs. By 2010 this has grown to support 1000 children. Other projects started to support ROM clients include: Community Network of Care, Mother to Mother Supporters, Teenage and Adolescent Supporter and Community Support. Food and sustainable projects such as mushroom growing and piggery and food distribution also began.


In 2005, their laboratory opened as was able to perform several different tests including Liver Function Tests, HIV tests, tuberculosis screening and more.


In 2007, the Adherence Support Section was created to monitor clients when taking ARV and tuberculosis medication. Psychological Support, a children’s club was also started to offer help to children affected by HIV/AIDs. By 2008 the Children’s Club had grown into a full-fledged brass band and music dance and drama groups. Several other programs started between 2007-2009 including the couple program, hygiene and sanitation programs, post-test clubs, adult literacy, a schools program, community sports gala and a children’s brass band.

A community free of the spread of HIV where those persons already infected and affected by HIV and AIDS are living positively with an improved quality of life.
ROM is a faith-based, non-governmental organization working in the geographical boundaries of three Catholic Parishes of Mbuya, Kasaala, and Biina. They aim to curb the further spread of HIV infection among the less privileged members of society in these communities and enable those already living with HIV/Aids to live a responsible and dignified life. They do this by focusing on educating individuals and the community about HIV and Aids as well as by providing holistic care to those already infected and their families.