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07 Oct, 2021
06:00 pm
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Arts First

We want you to be successful in university and beyond! The Arts First milestone is a two course program – ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 - that helps you build foundational competencies in communication and analysis during your first year at university, with a focus on practice-based learning. These two courses will include activities and exercises that require communication, problem solving, and the kinds of skills necessary for demonstrating comprehension and effective decision-making. Completion of this milestone in your first year is required to graduate.  


Community is important to us at St. Jerome’s University, which is why we believe you will develop a tight-knit learning community in your classroom where you feel comfortable listening, thinking deeply, and actively participating in class. Imagine a classroom where you and your classmates work together to respond to a challenge posed by the instructor? Where you will be with the same group of 25 students in both the fall and winter term? St. Jerome’s University can offer you this option for your Arts First milestone courses. 


Dedicated and passionate SJU faculty members will be teaching your Arts First milestone courses, and within each group there will be dedicated Peer Academic Leaders (PALs), who will be supporting your specific cohort throughout the year. The PALs can help you to adjust to university life and expectations, study skills, 1:1 coaching, and will be another friendly face on campus for you to connect with.


Please visit the University of Waterloo Arts First website for additional information.