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Welcome to the Department of Sociology & Legal Studies
Legal Studies at St. Jerome’s University explores how law shapes us and, in turn, how we shape law. Students in Legal Studies explore everything from lawmaking to sentencing, develop critical thinking skills, and rethink what it means to “practice” law in the everyday. Legal Studies at St. Jerome’s University is an interdisciplinary program with an active student body and is offered in partnership with the University of Waterloo.

Sociology strives to understand human social life, from the ancient Socratic approach to questioning to contemporary critical theory. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, and focus on a qualitative and interpretive approach with quantitative research playing its role as well.
2024 Academic Achievement Awards

Congratulations to 2024 graduates Emily Pihokker (Sociology) and Sahib Grewel (Legal Studies) for achieving the highest academic achievement in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies.