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Andrew Stumpf
Assistant Professor
519-884-8111 x 28270
Faculty - Health Humanities
Carol Acton, Professor

 519-884-8111 x28238
 Office: SH 2201
  • Literature and medicine
  • Writing by nurses in the First and Second World Wars
  • Writing by medical personnel from the First World War to the war in Iraq
Veronica Austen, Associate Dean, Associate Professor

Veronica Austen
 519-884-8111 x28300
 Office: SH 2202
  • Literature and Food/Eating Studies
  • Eating, Agency, and Self
  • Food, Eating, and Systems of Power and Privilege
Andrew Deman, Lecturer

 519-884-8111 x28234
 Office: SH 2211
  • The impact of transgender characters and stories in YA Comics on gender dysphoria.
  • The excision of long-term mental and emotional trauma in superhero narratives and the subsequent impact on real-world perceptions of PTSD.
  • The role of sexual agency and awareness in humanizing comics characters and displacing them from the male gaze.


Maureen Drysdale, Professor

Maureen Drysdale
 519-884-8111 x28288
 Office: SJ1 3021
  • Mental health and well-being in work and education

  • Mental health during developmental and life transitions

  • Mental health literacy

  • Moral injury and moral distress

  • Psychological effects of gendered attitudes and rhetoric in work and education

  • The expression of mental health and well-being in literature, film, and other media

Scott Kline, Associate Professor

Scott Kline
 519-884-8111 x28289
 Office: SH 2024
  • Bystander responses to victims of out of hospital cardiac arrest
  • Health care justice
  • Bioethics
  • Spirituality and health care
Alysia Kolentsis, Associate Professor

 519-884-8111 x28280
 Office: SH 2206
  • Narratives of care
  • Aging and dementia
  • Early modern representations of illness and bodies
Jane Kuepfer, Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging

Jane Kuepfer

 519-885-0220 x24232

 Office:  CGUC 2116

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  • spirituality and aging, including dementia
  • spiritual care in long-term care and retirement communities.
Sahver Kuzucuoglu, Lecturer

Sahver Kuzucuoglu headshot
  • Death, dying, and bereavement
  • Interdisciplinary literacy of death and dying in North America
  • Cross-cultural understandings, relations, and discourses in multicultural societies
Heather Love, Assistant Professor

Heather Love
  519 888-4567 x 42555
 Office: HH 367
  • Early twentieth-century Anglo-American literature and technology
  • Medical, media, and literary representation of early twentieth-century obstetrics practice
  • Cultural narratives of health and illness
Caley McCarthy, Dragen Lab Assistant Director & Lab Manager

Caley McCarthy
  • History of healthcare in the West
  • History of medieval hospitals 
Yuri Sangalli, Contract Academic Staff

Yuri Sangalli
 SH 2112
  • Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature
  • Italian, European and American Cinema and Culture
  • Film Theory and Criticism


Andrew Stumpf, Assistant Professor, Acting Director of Health Humanities

Andrew Stumpf
 519-884-8111 x28270
 Office: SH 2004
  • Biomedical Ethics / Health Care Ethics
  • End-of-Life Ethics
  • Philosophy of Palliative Care
  • Autonomy and Dementia
  • Medical Assistance in Dying
Sylvia Terzian, Lecturer

Sylvia Terzian
 519-884-8111 x28370
 Office: SH 2204
  • Diaspora Literature
  • Literature and Cross-cultural understanding
  • Literature and Religion  
Matthew Wiseman, Lecturer

Matthew Wiseman

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  • History and development of medical research ethics
  • History of medical experimentation
  • Social organization of health and medical science


Denise Whitehead, Associate Professor

Denise Whitehead
 519-884-8111 x28281
 Office: SH 2217
  • family policy, caregiving, and the impact on relationships