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Susan Dianne Brophy
Associate Professor
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Sociology & Legal Studies Research

St. Jerome's University has made its reputation over the years mainly through the excellence of its teaching. However, its contribution to the University of Waterloo and to higher learning in general also takes the form of strong scholarship and original research. Without this on-going work, university teaching at the University would be less rich and meaningful than it is.


Within the Department of Sociology & Legal Studies, some of the research areas include, but are not limited to:


  • Law, capitalism, and colonialism (Susan Brophy)
  • Uneven and combined development as dialectical materialist methodology (Susan Brophy)
  • Liberal democratic state law and authority (Susan Brophy)
  • Politico - legal subjectivity (Susan Brophy)
  • Continental philosophy - Kant, Marx, and Agamben (Susan Brophy)
  • Anti-colonialist methodology and analysis - Fanon (Susan Brophy)
  • Idealist versus materialist approaches to law (Susan Brophy)
  • Contemporary and classic theory and methodology - esp., Phenomenology, Ethnomethodology, Hermeneutics, Analysis (Kieran Bonner)
  • The culture of cities: Dublin, Montreal, Toronto (Kieran Bonner)
  • The grey zone of health and illness - alcohol consumption and addiction (Kieran Bonner)
  • Theorizing community and the urban-rural discourse (Kieran Bonner)
  • Sociology of the family - parent/child relations (Kieran Bonner)
  • Ancient Athens - Homer, Sophocles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (Kieran Bonner)