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SOC 369J 001 Sociology of Community

This course examines how our contemporary concern with community is connected with the rise of modern society and the development of the urban-rural debate. Our anxieties about community will be shown to be connected to our anxieties about family. Special attention will be given to the interpretive approach to these issues.

Kieran Bonner Fall 2019
SOC 327 001 Policing in a Democratic Society

A critical examination of the police as social control agents in contemporary democratic societies. Topics include the historical evolution of policing; police recruitment, training, and education; police/community relations; the occupational subculture of the police; police authority and discretion; private policing; and police deviance and criminality.

Cross-listed with LS 327

Frederick Desroches PDF icon SOC-LS 327-001_F.Desroches_Fall 2019.pdf Fall 2019
SOC 229 001 Selected Topics in Criminology

Sociological analysis of research and theory on selected criminal activities. Motivation, modus operandi, and the social characteristics of offenders will be examined in relation to such specific crimes as drug and sexual offenses, theft, robbery, murder, organized crime, and/or other criminal activities.

Cross-listed with LS 229

Frederick Desroches PDF icon SOC-LS 229-001_F.Desroches_Fall 2019.pdf Fall 2019
SOC 101 001 Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the basic concepts and frames of reference of sociological investigation and interpretation. Topics for analysis will include communities, associations and institutions, classes and status groups, crowds and publics, social processes, and social change. Special attention is given to Canadian society.

Kieran Bonner Fall 2019
SMF 494 001 Seminar in Sexuality: Outrage and Activism

This seminar allows students to integrate their knowledge in the domain of sexuality studies. Topics reflect current issues from a theoretical and research perspective.

Cross-listed with GSJ 473

Scott Kline Fall 2019
SMF 490 001 Practicum and Professional Ethics

This course involves an assigned unpaid apprenticeship in a human services setting combined with regular seminar meetings. The practicum will require 15 hours per week. Paid or volunteer positions that are obtained outside the context of this course are not eligible for credit in this course.

Department Consent Required

Carm De Santis Fall 2019
SMF 310 001 Sexual and Relational Ethics

A study of social relationships and systems that support sexual identities and relationship structures which generate ethical issues related to attitudes, values, and behaviours at both the individual and group level. This course may address sexual and relationship ethics on local, national, and transnational scales focusing on how issues of ethics and morality have been socially constructed.

Fall 2019
SMF 301 001 Communication and Counselling Skills

This course is an examination and analysis of the theories and methods of communication as applied within the processes of individual, relational, and family consultation and counselling.

Toni Serafini Fall 2019
SMF 220 001 Research Methods

This course introduces students to the philosophy and methods of social science and humanities research, including an examination of issues and approaches to conducting research in the areas of sexuality, couples, and families.

PDF icon SMF 220_T.Shokirova_Fall 2019.pdf Fall 2019
SMF 215 001 Sexuality and Popular Culture

This course examines how sexuality is depicted in, shaped by, and contested in popular culture. It introduces different theories in the study of popular culture and sexuality through a range of historical and contemporary texts and practices.

Jane Nicholas Fall 2019