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Well-Link Lab
Enhancing Student Mental Health and School-to-Work Transitions

The Well-Link Lab is located in the Department of Psychology at St. Jerome’s University. The Lab provides resources and conducts research on the mental health and well-being of emerging adults (ages 18-29) and the psychological variables believed to play an important role for success in post-secondary/tertiary education and subsequent school-to-work transitions. The team collaborates with researchers and institutions around the globe.


The Well-Link Lab researches:

  • The mental health and well-being of emerging adults (ages 18-29)
  • The social, cognitive, and health outcomes of emerging adults who are making school-to-work transitions
  • The role of experiential learning, such as cooperative and work-integrated education, on school-to-work transition
  • Interventions and initiatives to produce more positive mental health outcomes


The Well-Link Lab provides:

  • Resources and strategies for emerging adults to succeed in university and school-to-work transitions
  • A safe space on campus for students to access peer support and resources


Emerging Adulthood is a critical developmental stage when individuals aged 18-25 are transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. During this developmental period, individuals experiment with their identity to determine the type of person they will become. For many emerging adults, the journey involves attending university or college followed by transitioning to full-time employment. This journey leads to increased autonomy, but can also be a time of difficult personal, emotional, vocational, and social adjustments. Research indicates that emerging adults are particularly at risk for mental health issues – especially during times of transition such as into the university community and then out into the labour market. The overarching aim of the Well-Link Lab is to engage in research and provide resources that will improve the mental health and well-being of emerging adults during their post-secondary/tertiary studies and their subsequent transition to a competitive global labour market.

For more information or to join our team, please contact Dr. Maureen Drysdale or Sarah Callaghan.
Well-Link Lab
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