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Master of Catholic Thought - Admissions

Applicants interested in applying to the Master of Catholic Thought program may apply for acceptance as a Degree Student or non-degree Student-Credit or Audit. All applicants must use an application form available through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). The following details the admissions requirements for each category:

Students who are proceeding to completion of the Master of Catholic Thought program.


Students who are taking one or more graduate courses for credit in another degree program, but are not proceeding tocompletion of the Master of Catholic Thought degreeprogram.

Individuals who wish to continue their education, but do not care to earn academic credit, may be eligible to audit courses. Courses taken as an audit will not count towards a degree. These individuals must register as a non degree student and include a personal statement with their uploaded documents, noting their desire to audit courses only. References are not required. Applicants must have the permission of the instructor.


Registration for students auditing courses is limited to 1/3 of  the total enrolment for each Master of Catholic Thought course. Attendance and participation in class are expected.



Admission Requirements

All applicants in all categories of admission (Degree, Non-degree-Credit, or Non-degree-Audit status) for the Master of Catholic Thought program must complete the online application form through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). The following minimum requirements must be met for your application to be considered for this program:

  • A four-year Honours Bachelor's degree, in any discipline, with a minimum overall average 75%. Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be considered for admission on an exceptional basis, provided they demonstrate equivalent qualifications.
  • Three references are required for consideration for the Master of Catholic Thought program.
  1. Two references must be academics who can assess academic potential
  2. One reference must be from an employer, supervisor, or other professionals and academics.
  • Proof of proficiency in English (if applicable); accepted examinations and required minimum scores for graduate studies are listed on the English Language Proficiency page.
  • Applicants must upload an official transcript from each institution through which they have completed coursework.
  • Applications must include a Supplementary Information Form. Students should comment on their reasons for applying to the Master of Catholic Thought program, their academic record, theiremployment record, any special interest in the area of theological education, their personal interests, activities and goals. The SIF can be accessed via Quest. Please click here for more information on completing this form.
  • The Graduate Admissions Committee generally considers the applications only after reviewing all of the required documents. Material submitted in support of the application will not be returned.