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Prior to graduation

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Prior to Graduation
You’ve made it! The end is in sight, and you’re looking forward to receiving your University of Waterloo degree at convocation. What you might not know is that you have to give the Waterloo Registrar’s Office advance notice that you plan to graduate.
    Application to Graduate
    The online form, Intention to Graduate – Undergraduate Studies, must be submitted by the following deadlines:
    December 1 for spring convocation if you’re finishing up your degree requirements in the fall term
    March 1 for spring convocation
    August 1 for fall convocation




    After you graduate – requesting your transcript
    Finishing your studies is a major accomplishment, but it’s still only the first step in the rest of your life. Sometimes your next phase will require a record of your undergraduate studies, especially if you’re thinking about a graduate program. You’ll have to follow the procedure and complete an Undergraduate Transcript Request Form asking the Waterloo Registrar’s Office to send copies of your documents. You’ll also have to pay the fees for providing and mailing your transcript.


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