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07 Oct, 2021
06:00 pm
Image of text lectures in catholic experience at St Jerome's University

Since 1982, St. Jerome’s University has offered Lectures in Catholic Experience to our local community, providing opportunities for us to engage with the critical issues of our time. We have invited scholars, activists, experts, and religious leaders to address subjects in the areas of religion and politics, spirituality, health care, international relations and human rights, ecological responsibility, religious pluralism, ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, religion and the media, and others. In response to the COVID-19 gathering restrictions, the Lectures in Catholic Experience will continue to support a series of online lectures in 2021-2022.



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As the Covid-19 crisis extends into yet another academic year, many feel like they are in a fog. How long are vaccines effective? What health measures are best? When can we go back to “normal”? Why go back to normal if normal was based—as Pope Francis has argued–on the exploitation of the poor and the earth?

How do we shine a light in this time of uncertainty and division? The 2021-2022 Lectures in Catholic Experience explore our search for truth in uncertain and difficult times. To make our way through the fog, we require both dedication and humility, a steadfast commitment to learn and to recognize the limits of our learning. Our speakers this semester will attempt to light a way forward.

The current fog of uncertainty has even shaped the way we will offer the Lectures in Catholic Experience this year. The fall lectures will be held online. We will announce the winter lectures later in the semester when we can better see the impact of the “fourth wave” of Covid-19 on access to campus. Until then, we invite you to join us online for the fall semester of our 2021-2022 season. Our first lecture takes place on September 24th!





David Seljak, PhD
Professor of Religious Studies
Coordinator, Lectures in Catholic Experience




Apocalypse and Salvation:
Faith in Catholic Miracles in Twentieth-Century Germany

Friday, September 24, 2021, 7:30 p.m.
Michael E. O’Sullivan
Professor of History, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Please use this link to attend this lecture.

From World War I until the late 1950s, Catholics in Germany reported more instances of stigmata and visions of the Virgin Mary than at any time in modern history. This lecture emphasizes the stigmata of the charismatic Therese Neumann of Bavaria and the Cold War apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the small town of Heroldsbach. Neumann’s story in particular reveals much about the fall of German democracy in the 1920s and the relation of Catholics to the Third Reich. These case studies will illuminate why the Catholic minority in Germany is significant to the country’s social and political history. They will also highlight how women could accumulate power within orthodox Catholic communities.


Michael OSullivan
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Michael E. O’Sullivan is Professor of History at Marist College where he teaches courses about Modern Europe. He received his PhD from the University of North Carolina and has authored several articles and book chapters about twentieth-century German Catholicism. Dr. O’Sullivan published Disruptive Power: Catholic Women, Miracles, and Politics in Modern Germany, 1918-1965 with University of Toronto Press in 2018. It was recently awarded the Waterloo Centre for German Studies Book Prize for 2018.




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All lectures at St. Jerome’s University are provided on a complimentary basis. Please note that the registration process has been waived for lectures being provided online.

The Lectures in Catholic Experience take place in the Vanstone Lecture Hall, Academic Centre (SJ2), located at St. Jerome's University. Click here for detailed location and map information. The campus is currently closed due to COVID-19 and all lectures are being offered online ONLY through Microsoft Teams.



Complimentary parking is available in Lots A and B at St. Jerome’s University. Pay for parking is also available within walking distance of the Academic Centre.




Thank you to the individuals and organizations that make the Lectures in Catholic Experience series possible each year. We are grateful for your support and in particular acknowledge the ongoing commitment of the following:


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