God and the Gun: Religion and Violence in Ireland

While media representations of the contemporary conflicts in Northern Ireland characterize the violence as sectarian (Protestant vs. Catholic), Danine Farquharson will speak about some of the historical circumstances of armed rebellion in Ireland and Northern Ireland that make us question the belief that "the Troubles are all about religion". Farquharson also explores the representation of Irish gunmen in 20th-Century fiction and film, and the development of stereotypes such as the Irish rebel and the Ulster paramilitary.

Danine Farquharson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English, St. Jerome's University Assistant Editor, Literature Section, The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Literary Contributor, The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Ireland (2000) Researcher, Culture of the City Project Secretary/Treasurer, Canadian Association for Irish Studies

Friday, March 21, 2003 - 7:30pm
Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's University