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A food services staff hands a plate of pasta, meat and vegetables to a guest.
Dining & Catering


Delicious Food


Our food service partners at Dana Hospitality are committed to providing you with the best taste experience. Every meal is prepared from scratch with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We can assist you with booking catering services or arranging all-you-can-eat dining in the Servery for a seamless food experience. 


Plate with a berry salad and pasta with cheese.






Three students eating at a round table in the cafeteria.

The Servery  


Head to our cafeteria for all-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with options that accommodate dietary needs built right into the menu. Choose from a selection of hot dishes and too good to ignore desserts, then pull up a chair with your fellow guests and share a meal together at one of our round tables.  






From formal banquets to intimate receptions or casual coffee breaks, we will customize a menu that is perfect for your event. Explore the sample menu below for inspiration or view the complete catering menu



Waiter holding a tray of stuffed tomatoes.
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Sample Catering Menu




  • Complete Start: Farm fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fried potatoes. Served with Planet Bean coffee, assorted specialty teas, and assorted chilled juices.  
  • Egg Muffins: Farm fresh fried egg on a bakery fresh English muffin with bell peppers, sweet onion, mushrooms, spinach and tomato. Served with cut fruit bowl.  


    Morning Coffee Break      

  • Muffin basket, Mini pastry assortment, Fresh fruit and berry tray, Planet Bean coffee, Assorted specialty teas 



  • Deli Creations: Served on a selection of freshly baked breads and rustic buns or wraps. Piled high with egg or tuna salads, black forest ham, smoked turkey, house-roasted beef, Montreal smoked meat, genoa salami plus Canadian cheddar or Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.  
  • Baked Beef Lasagna: House-made Bolognese sauce layered between tender lasagna sheets with ricotta and mozzarella. Served with garlic bread.  


    Afternoon Coffee Break   

  • Domestic cheese display with crackers, Fresh cut vegetables with dip, Assorted squares, tarts and pastries, Fresh fruit-infused water, Individual soft drinks and juices  



  • Chicken Souvlaki: Tender chunks of marinated lemon juice, olive oil and Greek herbs, skewered and grilled with warm pita bread and tzatziki sauce served with herb rice pilaf and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. 
  • Stuffed Portobello Cap: Portobello mushrooms, stuffed with quinoa, sundried tomatoes, and bell peppers. Served with fresh steamed vegetables.