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ENGL 378 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007 Professional Communications in Statistics and Actuarial Science

This course introduces students to oral and written communication in the fields of statistics and actuarial science. With emphasis on the public presentation of technical knowledge, the ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and communication in a collaborative environment, this course helps students develop proficiencies in critical workplace skills. This course is writing intensive and includes extensive collaborative assignments.


Offered on campus

Mark Spielmacher, Mike Lesiuk, Jesse Hutchison, Diana Lobb PDF icon ENGL 378-001_M.Spielmacher_Spring 2022.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-002_M.Lesiuk_Spring 2022.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-003 and 004_J.Hutchison_Spring 2022.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-005_D.Lobb_Spring 2022.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-006_D.Lobb_Spring 2022.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-007_D.Lobb_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022
ENGL 425 001 Transnational Feminism and Contemporary Narratives

This course examines the dialogue between transnational feminist theories and literary practices. Drawing on a range of literary and media genres from the late 20th and early 21st centuries, this course considers the historical developments, as well as contemporary contexts (e.g., migration, globalization), that gave rise to the framework of transnational feminism and its negotiations with Anglo-American and European feminist literary theories.


Held with GSJ 472-002


Offered on campus


Course ouline by request only

Sylvia Terzian Spring 2022
ITAL 101 081 Introduction to Italian Language 1

An intensive study of the fundamentals of grammar and conversation. The language laboratory will be used.


Offered online

Andrea Privitera PDF icon ITAL 101_A.Privitera_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022
ITALST 281 001 Italian Cinema and the Novel

A survey of some of the principal novels of 20th century Italy as they have been adapted in film by Italian directors. Students will study literary and cinematic representations of themes such as the rise of the Italian bourgeoisie, the economic boom of the 1960s, domestic violence, and organized crime.


Offered on campus

Yuri Sangalli PDF icon ITALST 281_Y.Sangalli_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022
LS 101 081 Introduction to Legal Studies

An introduction to the study of law, its structure, and legal institutions from a cross-cultural and historical perspective. This interdisciplinary course examines the origins of legal systems and their impact on society. Included is an analysis of the diverse historical, political, economic, and cultural conditions under which law arises and functions within society.


Offered online

Carlie Leroux-Demir Spring 2022
LS 229 081 Selected Topics in Criminology

Sociological analysis of research and theory on selected criminal activities. Motivation, modus operandi, and the social characteristics of offenders will be examined in relation to such specific crimes as drug and sexual offenses, theft, robbery, murder, organized crime, and/or other criminal activities.


Held with: SOC 229


Offered online

Carlie Leroux-Demir Spring 2022
LS 327 081 Policing in a Democratic Society

A critical examination of the police as social control agents in contemporary democratic societies. Topics include the historical evolution of policing; police recruitment, training, and education; police/community relations; the occupational subculture of the police; police authority and discretion; private policing; and police deviance and criminality.


Held with: SOC 327


Offered online

Frederick Desroches Spring 2022
PHIL 100J 001 Introduction to Philosophy

This course seeks to introduce students to the nature of philosophy. This is done through the examination of core texts and figures in the history of philosophy as well as in the discussion of perennial philosophical questions.


Offered online

Bruno Tremblay PDF icon PHIL 100J_B.Tremblay_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022
PHIL 145 001 Critical Thinking

An analysis of basic types of reasoning, structure of arguments, critical assessment of information, common fallacies, problems of clarity and meaning.


Offered on campus

Bruno Tremblay PDF icon PHIL 145_B.Tremblay_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022
PSYCH 101 001 Introductory Psychology

A general survey course designed to provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of modern psychology as a behavioural science.


Offered on campus

Rebecca Blackie PDF icon PSYCH 101_R.Blackie_Spring 2022.pdf Spring 2022