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PSYCH 357 001 Psychology of Good

What does it mean to "be good"? How does one "do good"? What makes "doing good" easier or harder? This course examines (1) the biological and psychosocial foundations of prosocial behaviour and (2) associated facilitators and obstacles at both interpersonal and organizational levels. Topics may include empathy, social responsibility, volunteerism, community intervention, activism, and heroism.


Offered on campus

Chris Burris, John Rempel PDF icon PSYCH 357_C.Burris-J.Rempel_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 455 001 Honours Seminar in Social Psychology - Psychology of Men

Topics reflect current issues in social psychology. Consult the departmental listings for the upcoming topics. Activities may include oral presentations, class discussions, individual and/or group projects, and written assignments.


Offered on campus

Chris Burris PDF icon PSYCH 455_C.Burris_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
RS 121 001 Evil

How do the religions of the world define evil? How do they suggest it can be overcome? Classical and modern writers from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism will be considered.


Offered on campus

David Seljak PDF icon RS 121_D.Seljak_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
RS 241 001 Sex, Politics, and Religion in the U.S. and Canada

What are the three topics that should not be talked about in polite company? Sex, politics, and religion. Breaking the taboo, this course examines religious practices and conflicts around sexuality and sexual behaviour in the United States and Canada, and how they have manifested in political contests and public policy.


Offered on campus

Scott Kline PDF icon RS 241_S.Kline_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
RS 383 001 Justice, Peace, and Development

An examination of communities, movements, and theologies which express a Christian hope for justice, peace, and development in the encounter with injustice, oppression, and poverty.


Department Consent Required. Reserved for Beyond Borders students - contact Michelle Metzger with questions.


Offered on campus

Cristina Vanin PDF icon RS 383_C.Vanin_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
RS 499 001 Senior Seminar

This seminar examines contemporary methods and theories in the study of religion and how they may be used to address specific themes in religious studies.


Department Consent Required


Offered on campus

David Seljak PDF icon RS 499_D.Seljak_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
SMF 101 081 Introduction to Human Sexuality

This course provides an overview of couple, marital, and family relationships from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.


Offered online

Angela Underhill PDF icon SMF 101_A.Underhill_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
SMF 200 001 Special Topics in Sexualities, Relationships, or Families - Sexual Violence and Citizenship

This course introduces students to special topics in sexualities, relationships, and/or families.


Held with GSJ 271


Offered on campus

Stacey Jacobs PDF icon SMF 200-GSJ 271_S.Jacobs_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
SMF 204 001 Introduction to Relationships and Families

This course provides a broad interdisciplinary overview of theories and research on human sexuality. Topics may include human anatomy, sexual health, sexual response cycle, sexual orientation, gender, sex work, sexual practices, fetishes and paraphilias, and attraction/intimacy/love.


Offered on campus

Angela Underhill PDF icon SMF 204_A.Underhill_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
SMF 207 001 Parents, Children, and Family Relations

This course examines caregiver/parent-child relationships from a broad interdisciplinary perspective over the lifespan. Topics may include the transition to parenthood, parenting practices and their intersection with child/adult development, social and cultural influences on families with children, same-sex parenting, gender variance/fluidity and family relationships, family relations after parental separation, and care of aging parents.


Offered on campus

Denise Whitehead PDF icon SMF 207_D.Whitehead_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023