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ENGL 430B 001 Literature of the Romantic Period 2

An examination of the second generation of Romantic writers, including such authors as Byron, P. B. Shelley, Mary Shelley, Keats, and Hemans.


Offered on campus

Tristanne Connolly PDF icon ENGL 430B_T.Connolly_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
FR 192A 003 French Language 1: Module 1

An intensive French Language course. Vocabulary enrichment and development of reading, writing, and oral expression.


Offered on campus

Maria Petrescu PDF icon FR 192A_M.Petrescu_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
FR 251 001 French Language 2: Module 1

Intensive work on grammar and written French.


Offered on campus

Maria Petrescu PDF icon FR 251_M.Petrescu_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 113 001 Canadian Business History: Innovators and Entrepreneurs

This course examines the role of individuals in the growth of business in Canada. While there will be general examination of Canadian economic development, the principal focus will fall upon leading Canadian business persons and their interests and innovations. The relationship to the state of business, the place of education, and the impact of immigration are other topics that the course will consider.


Offered on campus

Catherine Briggs PDF icon HIST 113_C.Briggs_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 115 001 Crusading in the Middle Ages

This course examines the historical events and cultural assumptions that led to the European phenomenon of crusading, or holy war, between 1095 and 1453.


Held with MEDVL 115


Offered on campus

Eduardo Fabbro PDF icon HIST 115-MEDVL 115_E.Fabbro_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 210 001 History of Ancient Law

A historical introduction to law in the ancient world. Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, and Roman law, legal practices, and concepts will be examined.


Held with CLAS 210 and LS 235


Offered on campus

Dan Hutter PDF icon HIST 210-CLAS 210-LS 235_D.Hutter_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 313 001 History of the Family in North America

This course will consider the history of private interactions between family members in North America, as well as the family's relationship to public forces such as politics, the law, social movements, and the economy. Other topics covered in this course include changing conventions of courtship and dating, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and childhood.


Offered on campus

Teghan Barton PDF icon HIST 313_T.Barton_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 389 001 Canada in World Affairs

An analytical and historical examination of Canadian foreign policy in the international system. Domestic sources of Canadian foreign policy and international sources of Canadian foreign policy are examined in detail.


Offered on campus

Ryan Touhey PDF icon HIST 389_R.Touhey_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HIST 422 002 Special Topics in History - Microhisory and the Lost People of Europe

This seminar is a special study of a selected topic in history. Please see course instructor for details.


Offered on campus in the DRAGEN Lab

Steven Bednarski PDF icon HIST 422_S.Bednarski_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
HUMSC 101 001 Great Dialogues: Reflection and Action

What is the relationship between thinking and action? Do they pull us in different directions? Can they be integrated? This course investigates how our own dialogue with core texts, from antiquity (e.g., Homer, Plato, Christian Scriptures) to the present (e.g., Joyce, Arendt), offers ways of understanding the dilemmas and issues raised by these texts and present in our culture.


Offered on campus

John Greenwood PDF icon HUMSC 101_J.Greenwood_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022