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PHIL 283 001 Great Works: Ancient and Medieval

A historical survey of ancient and medieval philosophy in the Western tradition.


Held with CLAS 261


Offered on campus

Adam Woodcox PDF icon PHIL 283-CLAS 261_A.Woodcox_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PHIL 285J 001 Great Christian Thinkers - Aquinas on God

An introduction to and examination of the thought of one important figure of Christian philosophy, such as Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, or Kierkegaard. The choice of the philosopher studied varies from term to term.


Offered on campus

Bruno Tremblay PDF icon PHIL 285J_B.Tremblay_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PHIL 321J 001 The Philosophy of Palliative Care

An exploration of the principles and approaches of the hospice-palliative care movement as it was developed by its founders in the 20th century and as applied today. Topics may include the principles of pain and suffering management, holistic care of patients and their families, value of life at all stages, and integrating palliative care into mainstream medicine.


Offered on campus

Adam Woodcox PDF icon PHIL 321J_A.Woodcox_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PHIL 327 001 Philosophy of Law

Basic themes in the philosophy of law. Issues include the nature of law and its relation to morality and politics, legal reasoning, the justification of punishment, and theories of rights, responsibility, and liability.


Held with LS 351


Offered in a blended format with on campus and online components

Stéphanie Grégoire PDF icon PHIL 327-LS 351_S.Gregoire_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 101 001 Introductory Psychology

A general survey course designed to provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of modern psychology as a behavioural science.


Offered on campus

Rebecca Pister PDF icon PSYCH 101_R.Pister_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 212 001 Educational Psychology

A consideration of the main variables affecting learning in the classroom with special focus upon the conditions essential to efficient learning.


Offered online

Maureen Drysdale PDF icon PSYCH 212_M.Drysdale_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 230 001 Psychology and Law

Psychological principles drawn from a variety of subdisciplines (e.g., social, clinical, cognitive) will be surveyed in terms of their relevance and application to the legal system. Topics may include jury selection and decision-making, eyewitness testimony, insanity defense, competency assessment, risk assessment, and attitudes toward law and the legal process.


Held with LS 272


Offered on campus

John Rempel PDF icon PSYCH 230-LS 272_J.Rempel_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 232 001 Psychology of Evil

Psychological perspectives concerning definitions, causes, and consequences of institutional and personal evil, as well as symbols and interpretations of evil in both religious and secular contexts, will be considered.


Offered on campus

Chris Burris PDF icon PSYCH 232_C.Burris_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 257 002 Psychopathology

This course offers an introduction to understanding, assessing, and treating mental illness from a psychological perspective. Course material will focus on various categories of abnormal behaviour, including personality, anxiety, and mood disorders; schizophrenia; and substance abuse. Clinical methods of assessment, diagnosis, and intervention will also be considered.


Offered on campus

Rebecca Pister PDF icon PSYCH 257_R.Pister_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
PSYCH 312 081 Learning Disabilities

A critical examination of the concept of learning disability and of current issues in the assessment and remediation of learning problems.


Offered online

Maureen Drysdale PDF icon PSYCH 312_M.Drysdale_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023