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ENGL 208E 001 Women's Writing

This course explores a range of women's writing and the social and cultural contexts in which they made their voices heard.


Held with GSJ 208E


Offered on campus

Carol Acton PDF icon ENGL 208E-GSJ 208E_C.Acton_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 210I 001 Legal Writing

A study of the principles, processes, and various forms of writing used in the practice of law and drafting of legislation. The history and structure of legal writing, including current debates about plain language, will be examined.


Held with LS 291


Offered on campus

Ryan Devitt PDF icon ENGL 210I-LS 291_R.Devitt_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 251 001 Literary Theory and Criticism

What exactly are we doing when we study literature? By examining a selection of critical methods and theoretical approaches, this course will enhance understanding of the many different emphases, values, and priorities critics bring to literature, and the many available perspectives on what constitutes literature's significance.


Offered on campus

Chad Wriglesworth PDF icon ENGL 251_C.Wriglesworth_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 306A 001 Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to linguistics and the principles of linguistic analysis through an examination of English phonology, forms, syntax, and discourse.


Offered on campus

Elena Afros PDF icon ENGL 306A_E.Afros_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 335 001 Creative Writing 1

Designed to assist students with an interest in developing their creative writing skills in various genres, this course consists of supervised practice, discussions of craft, and peer critiques.


Offered on campus

Morteza Dehghani PDF icon ENGL 335-001_M.Dehghani_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 362 081 Shakespeare 1

A study of the plays written before 1599-1600, excluding Julius Caesar.


Held with THPERF 386


Offered online

Alysia Kolentsis Winter 2023
ENGL 378 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008 Professional Communications in Statistics and Actuarial Science

This course introduces students to oral and written communication in the fields of statistics and actuarial science. With emphasis on the public presentation of technical knowledge, the ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and communication in a collaborative environment, this course helps students develop proficiencies in critical workplace skills. This course is writing intensive and includes extensive collaborative assignments.


Offered on campus


Some course outlines available by request only

Mark Spielmacher, Sylvia Terzian, Diana Lobb, Jesse Hutchison PDF icon ENGL 378-001_M.Spielmacher_Winter 2023.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-003_M.Spielmacher_Winter 2023.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-005_D.Lobb_Winter 2023.pdfPDF icon ENGL 378-006 007 008_J.Hutchison_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
ENGL 460C 001 Literature of the Postwar Period in the United Kingdom and Ireland

A study of the literatures of the United Kingdom and Ireland after World War II, including such writers as Beckett, Greene, Larkin, Murdoch, Osborne, Pinter, and Spark.


Offered on campus


Course outline available by request only

David-Antoine Williams Winter 2023
FR 192B 003 French Language 1: Module 2

An intensive French Language course. Vocabulary enrichment and development of reading, writing, and oral expression.


Offered on campus

Maria Petrescu PDF icon FR 192B_M.Petrescu_Winter 2023.pdf Winter 2023
FR 297 081 French Culture and Literature: 1715 to the Present

A survey of French culture and literature from 1715 to the present.


Offered online

Maria Petrescu Winter 2023