Women and the Church of the 90s

What has been the "place" that women have held in the church throughout its history? What is Women’s current "place" in the church of the 1990s? What can the role of women in the church become? How can spirituality and psychology influence insight? What is a hopeful view for church involvement of our daughters and granddaughters, and sons and grandsons, for the next century?

Janet Fulgenzi, O.P.

St. Janet Fulgenzi, O.P. is a member of the Adrian Dominican Congregation and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology form the University of Windsor. In addition to her private practice, she acts as a consultant at both the Catholic Family Services in Saginaw, Michigan, and at the County of Sanilac Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. Currently, Sr. Fulgenzi serves as the Vicar for Religious in the diocese of Saginaw, and as Chair of the Diocesan Commission for Women.

Thursday, March 21, 1996 - 7:30pm
Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's University