Faith In Québec

The particularity of the Church in Québec is shaped by the dominant position it traditionally held in Québec society, by rapid secularization of modern Québec during the Quiet Revolution, and especially, by the creativity the Church has displayed in responding to this new context. Modernization and libveration are two central themes around which this response has developed, defining both the Church’s ongoing commitment to Québec society and its own internal renewal. In the 90s, as the Church turns toward the question of its own future, and as Québec society confronts new questions arising out of its secularization, both modernization and liberation continue to inform the Church’s efforts to live and preach the Gospel.

Carolyn Sharp

Carolyn Sharp graduated with her Ph.D. from St. Michael’s College in Toronto in 1993. In her thesis, she explored the question of God in the lives of working class Carolyn Sharp women. Sharp is bilingual in English and French, and has written articles and papers for publications such as "Sciences Religieuses" and "The Bulletin of the Canadian Theological Society". Currently living in Montréal, Sharp is the first woman editor of the Jesuit journal, "Relations".

Friday, November 4, 1994 - 7:30pm
Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's University