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PHIL 319J 001 Ethics of End-of-Life Care

What options does a person reaching the end of life have and how can they best be cared for? How can we balance patient autonomy with the expertise of the health-care provider and the demands of the health-care system? This course will help students think philosophically and critically about issues like these in their cultural, historical, and legal context. Specific topics may include consent, human dignity, euthanasia, refusal or withdrawal of treatment, palliative care and holistic patient care, pluralism and diverse understandings of dying, and treatment of the elderly.


Offered on campus

Andrew Stumpf PDF icon PHIL 319J_A.Stumpf_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PHIL 327 001 Philosophy of Law

Basic themes in the philosophy of law. Issues include the nature of law and its relation to morality and politics, legal reasoning, the justification of punishment, and theories of rights, responsibility, and liability.


Held with LS 351


Offered in a blended format with on campus and online components

Stéphanie Grégoire PDF icon PHIL 327-LS 351_S.Gregoire_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PSYCH 101 004 Introductory Psychology

A general survey course designed to provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of modern psychology as a behavioural science.


Offered on campus

Rebecca Pister PDF icon PSYCH 101_R.Pister_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PSYCH 218 001 Psychology of Death and Dying

Variations in the meaning and significance of death and dying will be considered from a psychological perspective, with particular attention to the contexts (e.g., cultural, familial, life-span developmental) in which these variations occur.


Held with GERON 218 and HLTH 218


Offered on campus

Chris Burris PDF icon PSYCH 218-GERON 218-HLTH 218_C.Burris_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PSYCH 231 001 The Psychology of Religious Experience

Approaches of traditional psychological theories toward phenomena of religious experience, mysticism, and prayer are examined. The psychological process of creating and naming "gods" is considered as well as comparisons among altered states of consciousness including some forms of prayer.


Offered on campus

Chris Burris PDF icon PSYCH 231_C.Burris_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PSYCH 253 001 Social Psychology

An introduction to the scientific study of social behaviour and social influences on behaviour. Theories and research on such topics as attitude change and persuasion, stereotypes and prejudice, conformity and obedience to authority, altruism, conflict, attraction, and love may be introduced.


Offered on campus

Siobhan Sutherland PDF icon PSYCH 253_S.Sutherland_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
PSYCH 354 001 Interpersonal Relations

A psychological analysis of social interaction and the dynamics of close relationships.


Offered on campus

John Rempel PDF icon PSYCH 354_J.Rempel_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
RS 121 081 Evil

How do the religions of the world define evil? How do they suggest it can be overcome? Classical and modern writers from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism will be considered.


Offered online

David Seljak PDF icon RS 121-081_D.Seljak_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
RS 150 001 Christian Ethics

An introduction to Christian ethical theory and practice and their implications for personal and social living. Case studies will investigate sexual morality, business and medical ethics, environmental issues, violence and non-violence, and family life.


Offered on campus

Scott Kline PDF icon RS 150_S.Kline_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022
RS 255 001 Roman Catholicism

This course offers comprehensive knowledge of the significance of Roman Catholic beliefs, values, and practices for our time. Topics analyzed in a wide context include spirituality, ethics, the meaning of the sacraments, prayer, sin and salvation, questions of authority, tradition, change, and views on sexuality and gender.


Offered on campus

Cristina Vanin PDF icon RS 255_C.Vanin_Fall 2022.pdf Fall 2022