The Birth of a Catholic University: St Jerome’s and the Kingsdale Years

Fr. James Wahl came to St. Jerome’s in 1967 and has remained one it its best-loved teachers and pastors. As co-author of Enthusiasm for the Trust: An Illustrated History of St. Jerome’s University, he has also become one of the keepers of its history. In this lecture, Fr. Jim traces the transition of the high school into an institution of post-secondary learning in 1953 when the high school and college programs separated and the Kingsdale campus opened in south Kitchener. Kingsdale came to specialize in the teaching of seminarians – and some laypeople – many of the seminarians being veterans from the United States military. The winner of the Fr. Norm Choate Distinguished Graduate Award for 2003 is Richard J. Callahan (B.A. ’62 – Latin and English). Dick came to St. Jerome’s from Scranton, Pennsylvania and currently resides in California where he heads a successful insurance company and is well known throughout the community as a volunteer, industry leader, and football announcer for the University of California, Berkeley.

Fr. James A. Wahl, C.R., Ph.D.

Fr. James Wahl, C.R. is a Ph.D. History graduate from St. Louis University. He is the Director of the Medieval Studies program at Waterloo, the author of Planting the Banner of Christ on the Isle of Devils and co-author of Enthusiasm for the Truth: An Illustrated History of St. Jerome’s University.

Friday, November 7, 2003 - 7:30pm
Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's University