Future Students
Student Activities
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Student Activities
Beyond academics
University will add volumes of new knowledge to your brain. But you might not realize how much space you’ll need for some of the best memories of your life – or how many of your favourites will take place outside the classroom.
More than the icing on the cake
At St. Jerome’s, we value these “extras” as key elements in the structural support of your educational foundation. Our Student Affairs team is dedicated to facilitating student-run events for all aspects of your holistic growth – stimulation for your brain, a workout for your body, tips for your well-being, outreach for your social conscience, nourishment for your spirit, and yes, lots of fun and laughs for your lighter side!
Choose your own adventure
Whether you opt for formal organized events, sports teams, special interest clubs, or informal hang-outs, the key to enjoying campus life is to get involved. So take a look at all the options, unleash your inner explorer, and dive in!
Sample activities
  • Orientation
  • Declare Your Major event
  • Roommate Game
  • Meditative Yoga
  • Chill Nights
  • Residence Formal
  • Movie Nights
  • Relay for Life
  • Random Act of Kindness Day
  • A Noteworthy Event: Success Tips for the Note Taker
  • Thrive Week
  • Making School a Piece of Cake
  • Student led Mass and Social Following
  • Sundaes on Sunday
  • Mall Gift Wrapping
  • Zumba Class
  • Iron Chef Competitions
  • Coffee Houses
  • Community Dinners
  • Toga Party
  • SJ You Are Beautiful
  • New Year, New Habits
  • Soup Kitchen Volunteering
  • Busy Students’ Retreat
  • Green & Gold Gala
  • Skyzone Trip
  • Raptors Game
  • Open Mic Night
  • Bell Let's Talk Day
  • Zentangle/Doodle Art
  • Personal/Spiritual Development Workshops
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Toronto Marlies Game
  • Corn Maze Trip
  • Trivia Nights
  • Cooking With Lessons
  • Soup and Substance
  • Halloween Haunt
  • Frost Week
  • Fall Formal
  • Snow Bowl
Activities 2.0:  SJU + Waterloo
As always, one of the great things about being an SJU student is that you’re also a Waterloo student. When it comes to activities, that means multiplying the possibilities to out-of-sight levels.
  • Into athletics? Try out for one of the 32 Waterloo varsity teams, play on an SJU intramural team, or participate in more than 200 Waterloo intramural teams and clubs.
  • Interested in student government? Your credentials are good in both the St. Jerome’s Student Union and the Waterloo Federation of Students.
  • Passionate about your program? You’ll find even more options when you factor in academic student associations.
Go shopping
Mark your calendar for a visit to the Waterloo Clubs and Societies Days at the Student Life Centre, where you can browse the displays and meet the people involved. You never know what – or who – you’ll encounter!
Still can’t find a group that matches your particular interest? What you will discover is support to start your own. Other St. Jerome’s students have been especially good at hatching their own social justice initiatives.