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Service Learning
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Service Learning
Translating compassion into understanding
A daily dose of SJU values often increases your desire to help others. In fact, one of the most powerful pillars of the SJU holistic education is encouragement to take a closer look at who you share the world with, and our Service Learning programs give you plenty of scope. Because we feel so strongly about their educational value, some of them even lead to academic credit. 
Open heart. Open eyes.
Whether you’re in another neighbourhood or on another continent, your contribution will be about the gentle, gradual building of authentic, respectful partnerships based on acquiring a deep comprehension of the obstacles facing the person right in front of you. Your commitment will include ahead-of-time preparation along with follow-up reflection about how you’ll incorporate your new knowledge into your life.
Reality check
Warning: We call it “learning” for a reason. Your experience will undo any “quick-fix” expectations. Side effects include a revised global perspective, an altered view of your local community, permanent inner growth, and a possible shift in aspirations.
Choose your setting
Investigate all the possibilities, select a program that fits your own personality and goals, and take your compassion for a test run!
Overseas: Discover the realities of the world first-hand.
  • Beyond Borders – an academically centred, upper-year experience consisting of one term of on-campus course work, locally-based volunteering, and a 90-day placement abroad
  • SJU in Peru – an opportunity to explore issues of common global needs and social justice during a two-and-a-half week stint learning from coffee farmers in Peru
Closer to home: Encounter the true-life version of local Kitchener-Waterloo social justice and development issues by witnessing the realities faced by the people affected. Discover how to support the dignity of all as you explore and work toward a more inclusive community.
  • Beyond U – an upper-year, three-month, paid internship with a Waterloo area not-for-profit organization
  • Encounter KW – a five-day experience, paired with a for-credit comprehensive exploration of a local issue
Without leaving St. Jerome’s: Take an in-depth look at your social justice assumptions and prepare to become a justice-based leader.