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Program & Admissions

As the Roman Catholic university in the Diocese of Hamilton, we want to provide a quality, master's-level theological program for persons who live and work within this diocese. We also want to serve those Catholics and non-Catholics alike who, for personal reasons, want to pursue a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic tradition.


We have always provided our students with a balance of liberal arts and religious instruction within the context of Roman Catholic teaching and our role in educating both community and Church leaders has been proven for over 150 years. We believe that the theological education received through this program speaks to that, and will enrich the work that Catholics and non-Catholics are doing in their community and in their Church.

Admissions Requirements

Following are the procedures for applying to the Master of Catholic Thought program at St. Jerome's University. If you do not find the information which you are looking for, or have any questions regarding application procedures, please contact us.

Basic Admission Requirements
  • All applicants in all categories must complete the online application form through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). Applications must be submitted by February 1.
  • A four-year Honours Bachelor's degree, in any discipline, with a minimum overall average of 75%, or equivalent. Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be considered for admission on an exceptional basis, provided they demonstrate equivalent qualifications. 
  • Proof of proficiency in English (if applicable); accepted examinations and required minimum scores for graduate studies are listed on the English Language Proficiency page.
  • All application uploads must include a personal statement. Comment on your reasons for applying to the Master of Catholic Thought Program, your academic record, your employment record, any special interest in the area of theological education, your personal interests, activities and goals.
  • Applicants must upload an official transcript from each institution through which they have completed coursework. Three supporting references must also be included. Of these references, at least two references should be from an academic who can assess academic potential. The third referee may be selected from employers, supervisors, other professionals and academics.
  • Those students wishing to audit courses should apply as non-degree students and should include the personal statement with the uploaded documents as well as a note indicating their desire to audit the courses only. References are not necessary.

The Graduate Admissions committee will normally consider the applications only after reviewing all the required documents. Application material submitted in support of the application will not be returned.

Categories of Admission

Applicants may apply to be accepted for one of the following three categories:

Degree Student

Students possessing a four-year Honours Bachelor degree from a recognized accredited University of University College or equivalent, who are proceeding to completion of the Master of Catholic Thought program.

Non-Degree Student

Students possessing a four-year Honours Bachelors degree from a recognized accredited University or University College or equivalent, who are taking one or more graduate courses for credit but are not proceeding to completion of the Master of Catholic Thought program.


Persons who wish to continue their education, but do not care to earn academic credit, may be eligible to audit courses. Courses taken as an audit will not count towards a degree. Students must have the permission of the instructor, and registration will normally be limited to 1/3 of the total enrollment for each particular course. Attendance and participation in class are expected.