Priority 1: Academic Programming



01 Oct, 2022
05:00 pm
Priority 1: Academic Programming

To distinguish St. Jerome's University as a leading liberal arts university that promotes critical thinking, fosters social engagement, and inspires reflection and action in the pursuit of a more just and peaceable world



  • Explore opportunities for the creation of an SJU first-year seminar and capstone course
  • Offer courses with enrolment caps that, to the greatest extent possible, promote personalized interaction between instructors and learners
  • Enhance SJU's course-based experiential learning opportunities that foster leadership development, community engagement, and solidarity with local, national, and international social justice organizations and movements
  • Build on SJU's interdisciplinary strengths through program renewal and development
  • Support the creation of courses that use a variety of delivery modes, including online and blended e-learning, to help meet curricular objectives
  • Create spaces that accommodate diverse course deliveries, teaching styles, and learning styles
  • Build on SJU's tradition of excellence in teaching with the establishment of teaching fellows designed to enhance the quality and profile of teaching at SJU