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At St. Jerome’s University we aim to advance learning and share knowledge in a manner consistent with Roman Catholic tradition and the honest pursuit of wisdom and understanding. We encourage the intellectual, spiritual, social, moral, and personal development of the members of the University community, and the betterment of society consistent with the ideals of the contemporary Roman Catholic Church, and in alignment with our Academic Plan 2015-2020.


Growth through Inspired Learning
We are committed to educating the heart as well as the mind. Learning and serving go hand in hand. Compassionate action towards those facing illness, poverty and disenfranchisement is not only rooted in our values. It's truly lived by our students.


Through academic programs like Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies, and co-curricular initiatives like Beyond Borders, Beyond U, Encounter KW, and SJU in Peru, students find meaningful and intentional engagement opportunities to connect their academic studies with experiences of service, encounter and solidarity.

What’s more, through our active engagement in initiatives like Relay for Life and Movember, and our involvement with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, students experience a connection to national movements targeted at advocacy, service, and justice.


This focus on service learning starts early for our students—as early as our community service day during orientation week where over 300 students and staff take to the community and lend their time and talents to agencies and organizations in the community we’re partnered with. It’s important to us that these aren’t one-off engagements—they are part of an ongoing commitment to our partners in the community.


Much of this work flows out of our Centre for Responsible Citizenship where there is a teaching, research and learning focus on responsible citizenship. Our Office of Student Experience and Student Success Office support these initiatives operationally and from a student support perspective.



Nurturing Courageous and Informed Leaders
Our students today are civic-minded and want to make the world a more just, peaceable and inspiring place to live.  They want to be leaders. And we want to help them do it. At the University there are many opportunities for students to harness their potential, pioneer ideas and develop their leadership skills.

Whether it’s our Residence Dons that support students in their time in residence, or our other senior leadership roles like Assistant Activities Coordinators, Student Activities Team, Student Campus Ministers, and Peer Academic Leaders that challenge and support students to grow and experience all aspects of University Life, our focus is on building the next generation of leaders. Through extensive training and ongoing mentorship, these student leaders are pushed to develop their soft skills through community building.


Our Advancement and Student Success Offices further support the work of these leaders through targeted scholarship opportunities that recognize their contributions and growth. In addition, each year at our Students’ Union’s Green & Gold Gala, the University distributes graduating and continuing student awards to those who have made exceptional contributions through their leadership and participation.



Fostering Community, Inside & Out
We see community beyond the classroom. Through student life, community partnerships, and innovative lecture series, we build relationships on campus and in the community that allow us to connect to new people, ideas, and opportunities for learning. 


Relationships and partnerships are the backbone of community and at St. Jerome’s University, we take community seriously.


From our small classes, intimate dining hall, or intentionally designed residence experience, to the experiences students have as part of the St. Jerome’s University’s Worshipping Community or House System, students experience community around every corner.


Through the Catholic Education Partnership, we work with school boards within the Hamilton Diocese to foster community and drive outcomes of mutual interest in Catholic Education. It’s important to us that students have the opportunity to explore Catholic Education beyond the secondary level. Through initiatives like the Unity Conference, From Information to Transformation Conference, and Board Professional Development Day we foster community with educators and students at all levels.


What’s more, we work hard to foster community and connection through celebration. Though formally a part of the University of Waterloo, our students experience some unique events that are homegrown and designed to build connection through intentionality. Our Investiture ceremony is a formal welcoming into the academic institution and our graduation ceremony dovetails with Waterloo’s Convocation week as a way to celebrate the special accomplishments of our students.


But the community doesn’t end there. Through our various Advancement Department and alumni events we continue to engage graduates well after they formally leave our campus. The friendships and families that grew out of their time at St. Jerome’s are as important to us as the new members we greet each year.


Learn more about St. Jerome's University by reading our Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

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