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Touhey Recognized Expert on Canada-South Asia Foreign Relations

Touhey Recognized Expert on Canada-South Asia Foreign Relations

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018

St. Jerome’s University History professor Ryan Touhey is no stranger to the media. As a recognized historian of Canada-South Asian foreign relations his insight has been used by many outlets, including The Globe and Mail for a recent article on Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to India.


Canadian and international journals have widely praised his book Conflicting Visions: Canada and India in the Cold War World 1946-1976, with one reviewer in the British Journal of Canadian Studies observing “Conflicting Visions [is] perhaps the best of [a] superb new crop of historical work on Canada’s international relations.” The study is the first history of the topic based on American, British, Canadian, and Indian archival sources and interviews, and is becoming an integral resource to media seeking information on the topic. Touhey has also been recognized by the Canadian government for his efforts.


Hector Mackenzie, senior departmental historian at Global Affairs Canada, Government of Canada noted in his 2015 review that Touhey’s book is an “eloquent and authoritative study of Canada’s relationship with India, which was characterized as much by mutual incomprehension and misunderstanding as it was by a clash of values and interests, (and) demonstrates that we can learn as much, if not more, about diplomacy by examining its failures as we can from studying its triumphs.”


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