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Strategic Plan 2022-2027 Guides SJU to Strengthen, Foster, Build, Pursue

Strategic Plan 2022-2027 Guides SJU to Strengthen, Foster, Build, Pursue

Date: Monday, May 02, 2022

St. Jerome’s University’s (SJU) Board of Governors approved a new Strategic Plan 2022-2027 on April 7, 2022, committing the University to four key priorities to strengthen, foster, build, and pursue, and specific goals linked to each action. The Plan sets SJU on a path to become Canada’s premier Catholic undergraduate university committed to outstanding student experiences of education and Integral Human Development (IHD). The Plan is the culmination of fourteen months of collaborative and consultative work in the community led by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee Working Group, facilitator Rebecca Sutherns from Sage Solutions, and members of the SJU community.

“Our collective efforts have resulted in a plan that is achievable, and in which our community can take a great sense of pride,” stated SJU’s President and Vice Chancellor, Peter Meehan, who worked on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and wrote the Plan’s preamble.


“The IHD mandate is focused on preparing leaders who are conscious of the diversity, complexity, and richness of the human experience, and who will be formed here to contribute thoughtfully, creatively, and positively to the common good of society. This Plan proposes a renewal of our identity to emphasize the breadth of our mission to all, regardless of background, to building an equitable community and to ensuring a sustainable future, all in service to the common good of society.”


The Strategic Plan process takes place every five years at the University as part of its governance responsibilities. Through the strategic planning process the mission, values, and goals of the University are reviewed and defined to establish its priorities as an institution. The four strategic priorities identified in SJU’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027 focus on key action items that include:

  1. Strengthen understanding and appreciation of our Catholic mission and identity.
  2. Guided by our commitment to academic freedom, foster an outstanding culture of research and learning that inspires commitment to the common good.
  3. Build an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and just community.
  4. Pursue a sustainable future.


“The work ahead points to how St. Jerome’s will realize the fullness of our federated relationship with the University of Waterloo, in which we desire not to ‘fit in’ but to ‘stand out’,” added Meehan. “We are prepared to be evaluated as a university based upon our ability to achieve these goals and have already begun conversations within our community to put this document into action and to ensure its success.”


For the complete copy of St. Jerome’s University’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027, please visit the University Planning page on the university’s website or use the following link.


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