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SJU Contributes to Digital Archives focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SJU Contributes to Digital Archives focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021
Researchers now have access to additional primary materials thanks to targeted University of Waterloo Library funds, and contributions from St. Jerome’s University’s Library and other donors. The digital collection, which includes newspapers, monographs, and manuscripts, are part of the Library’s Gale Primary Sources, and can be examined on their own or in conjunction with the Digital Scholar Lab: a set of tools that facilitates document analysis in various ways.
Included in the new resources are the following:
Archives of Sexuality & Gender 
Find newsletters, government documents, pamphlets, and more relating to sex and sexuality from the sciences to the legal to the humanities. Coverage: 1600s - present
Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture 
Covers law, criminology, popular culture, phrenology, fiction, and more. Contains books, broadsheets, manuscripts, and periodicals. Also included are court transcripts, prison records, petitions, and police advertisements. Documents are from Europe, North America, India, and the Antipodes. Coverage: 1790 – 1920
Indigenous Peoples of North America 
Facilitates the study of invasion and colonization. Find materials relating to customs, dance, music, warfare, peace treaties, removal grants, legends, and myths. Search manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, images of artwork, and more. Coverage: 1600s - 2000s
Women's Studies Archive 
Find primary sources relating to women’s activism. Featured are female-authored literature and women’s periodicals. Coverage: 1800s - 2000
“I am grateful to my University of Waterloo Library colleagues for collaborating with us on these important acquisitions,” noted SJU’s Librarian, Lorna Rourke. “These additional resources will contribute to the quality of the research being done by our students and faculty.”
Due to license restrictions, access to these resources is limited to SJU and UWaterloo students, faculty, lecturers, staff, post-doctorates, and visiting scholars.  Authorized users may sign in using their WatIAm or Library credentials at 
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