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SJU and Contract Academic Staff Sign New Collective Agreement

SJU and Contract Academic Staff Sign New Collective Agreement

Date: Wednesday, November 09, 2022

St. Jerome’s University announces that an agreement has been reached between the bargaining teams for both the University and the St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association (SJUASA) on a renewal Contract Academic Staff collective agreement. The new agreement was finalized at a signing ceremony held at the University earlier today.


The new three-year agreement, which extends until April 30, 2025 includes 1% increases to course stipends for Contract Academic Staff in each year, as well as important clarifications to working conditions, seniority and benefits. Under Bill 124, the “Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act”, passed by the Ontario government in 2019, all public service employees, including higher education workers, are capped at increases of no more than 1% annually.


Michael Pautler, Chair of the St. Jerome’s Board of Governors, commended both parties involved in these negotiations, and expressed appreciation on behalf of the Board. “The extended negotiations were conducted in a spirit of goodwill and fairness which lies at the heart of St. Jerome’s mission as the federated Catholic university in the University of Waterloo, and clearly reflects a recognition that both Contract Academic Staff and University administration hold a common interest in the pursuit of academic excellence and remain committed to working together respectfully to advance the important work of the University.”


The new agreement, which replaces the previous one, which expired on April 30, 2022, was ratified by a majority vote of the members of the Contract Academic Staff bargaining unit. “The SJU Academic Staff Association is very pleased with the new collective agreement and looks forward to a brighter future for Contract Academic Staff (CAS) at St. Jerome’s,” remarked St. Jerome’s Academic Staff Association President Dr. Andrew Stumpf. “The new agreement is the result of a top-notch bargaining team (led by CNO Dr. Ryan Devitt), diligent member mobilization work (led by Dr. Honor Brabazon), outstanding support from many CAS and Full-Time Members, and a spirit of deep collegiality between the SJU administration and the union. The important improvements included in this agreement reflect a real commitment to fairness and dignity for the most vulnerable group of academics.”


St. Jerome’s President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. Peter Meehan, remarked that “this agreement is a positive step forwards, both for St. Jerome’s University, and for our valued Contract Academic Staff. I want to offer my most sincere thanks to everyone involved in these negotiations over the last several months. In particular, I am grateful to Dr. Carol Ann MacGregor, St. Jerome’s Vice President Academic and Dean, for her sensitivity to the various issues important to both sides, and for keeping the mission of the University front and centre in all of these discussions.”


The renewed Contract Academic Staff collective agreement has been posted on St. Jerome’s website and can be accessed on the SJUASA webpage.


CAS Collective Agreement Signing 2022
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Pictured: Dr. Peter Meehan, Dr. Andrew Stumpf, Dr. Ryan Devitt, and Dr. Carol Ann MacGregor Wednesday, November 9, 2022 following the signing of the renewed Contract Academic Staff collective agreement at St. Jerome’s University.



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