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Fr. Toby Collins, CR Shares “Tiny Resurrections for Today”

Fr. Toby Collins, CR Shares “Tiny Resurrections for Today”

Date: Thursday, January 05, 2023

The 40th Anniversary of St. Jerome’s University’s (SJU) Lectures in Catholic Experience series continues on January 26th with “Tiny Resurrections for Today”. The presentation will be provided by Fr. Toby Collins, CR, the pastor of St. Mary's Church in downtown Kitchener and a Board member for A Better Tent City. Fr. Toby has a passion for building Tiny Homes for the homeless and working with anyone who dares to risk seeing the less fortunate as their friends.

In his mid-20s and while landscaping at St. Louis Church in Waterloo, Fr. Toby met the religious community of Catholic Priests and Brothers called Resurrectionists. He admired the way they lived their lives in community and brought hope to people in despair. Twenty years later he continues a life-long commitment to being a member of the Resurrectionist community and engaging in encounters with the poor, less fortunate, oppressed, marginalized, and suffering. It is through these experiences that Fr. Toby believes we find the presence of God that is in everyone.

“Fr. Toby describes being “richer” for having had experiences with the homeless in downtown Kitchener, The Tiny Home Takeout, and the tiny homes at A Better Tent City,” stated SJU’s President and Vice Chancellor, Peter Meehan. “On January 26th, Fr. Toby will share his stories with the hope that they will help us all get more in touch with humanity.”

Fr. Toby Collins, CR will be speaking in the SJU Notre Dame Chapel at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 26, 2023. The chapel is located in the SJ1 building on campus. To learn more about the Lectures in Catholic Experience “Tiny Resurrections for Today” event, please click here.

Registration in advance is required to participate in person for the “Tiny Resurrections for Today” lecture. Click here to register.

To watch the lecture online, please use the link that will appear on the event page on the evening of the lecture.

Interested in taking a journey back through 40 years of LCE lectures? Recordings are uploaded to our website and are available using the PAST LECTURES link found on the main Lectures in Catholic Experience page.


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