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On-Campus Courses Suspended - March 14-23, 2020

On-Campus Courses Suspended - March 14-23, 2020

Date: Friday, March 13, 2020

St. Jerome’s University will continue to follow University of Waterloo (UW) protocols and has suspended all activity for on-campus courses for the week of March 14-March 23, 2020. The action is being taken out of caution and concern for the current COVID-19 changes rapidly happening around the world.


Feridun Hamdullahpur, the University of Waterloo’s President, announced earlier in the day that UW is suspending all in-course activity as per the following:

  • We are suspending all activity for on-campus courses for one week, from March 14 to March 23, 2020.
  • At the end of this suspension, all in-person course activity is cancelled until the end of term, including in-person final exams. Instructors are working on alternate ways to deliver remaining course work and exams/assessments.
  • Fully online courses will continue, but in-person exams for these courses are cancelled and may be replaced with alternative assessments.
  • Campus operations will continue.

As President Hamdullahpur noted in his memo, these are unprecedented times and many people are dealing with increased stress and uncertainty. The university is introducing measures believed to help protect the safety of its students, employees, and the university community, and wants to make sure that students get the best outcomes from their hard work so far this term. These include the following:

  • All activity for on-campus courses (e.g., classes, labs, tutorials, etc.) is suspended for one week. Course activity will stop on March 14. We will resume course activities in alternative formats on Monday, March 23.
  • In the next week, instructors will provide students with information on how they will complete their courses.
  • The Centre for Extended Learning’s fully online courses will continue.

The pause in course activity will be used to allow instructors to plan alternative ways of delivering learning – including ways of measuring achievement instead of in-person final exams.

  • At the end of the suspension of activities, the University is cancelling all in-person course activity, including in-person exams, through the end of the Winter Term on April 25, 2020.
  • Instructors will inform students how assessment will happen.
  • The cancellation of in-person exams includes the in-person exams for fully online courses.
Accommodation for Illnesses
The University of Waterloo Verification of Illness form for students is now a self-declaration, which means students do not need a doctor’s note for accommodation if they become ill. Students can find the Influenza Absence Declaration in the Personal Information section of Quest.
University Operations
Along with UW, SJU will maintain business and administrative operations during this period of uncertainty. Office buildings will remain open. Those who are sick have been guided to stay home and seek the advice of a health professional.
All residences remain open and operational.
Libraries, food services, health and wellness centres, athletics and recreation facilities, and other public spaces on all campuses will remain open on the UW campus. Any changes to this at SJU will be communicated in a timely manner. In all cases, social distancing and proper hygiene is recommended as a preventive measure.
SJU cleaners have been engaged to enhance their protocols on campus. Additional cleaning supplies for personal hygiene (e.g., sanitizer, soap) are also being acquired.
Additional information and resources
The University of Waterloo is keeping its COVID-19 website up to date with information. FAQs and other important information are updated in real time. 
If you have questions or concerns about coronavirus and Waterloo, please email
At St. Jerome's University you may also reach out to Cristina Vanin at or Mike Gourlay at


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