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Iko Poran
Iko Poran - Brazil

Iko Poran is a non-profit organization founded on the principles of democracy, peace, citizen’s rights, human rights, and non-discrimination.


Iko Poran works in various areas, notably environment, education, health, arts, sports, culture and science. Their programs provide social assistance to children and young adults, and to social groups at risk of social exclusion, promoting their citizenship and social integration.


For more information, please visit Iko Poran's website. 

Iko Poran was established in 2002 as a Brazilian non-profit volunteer organization and since the very beginning has focused on creating positive results in social and environmental projects. The website was launched in July of 2003 and the first volunteers started to arrive in November of 2003.
In 2007 the Brazilian Ministry of Justice recognized Iko Poran as a Public Interest Organization and this title has been renewed year after year since then.
 Iko Poran works with around forty different local community organizations in Rio de Janeiro.
Our operations are run in partnership with these Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). We work with them to develop opportunities to cater to the specific challenges these organizations face, while benefiting the communities they serve.