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Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness
Your total-health plan – SJU style
If fitness isn’t already a priority, you might want to add it to your university to-do list. Because studies show that keeping your body in shape also boosts your brain power. But the science is in, and the best health care is whole-self care. That’s why our holistic take on education is accompanied by an equally comprehensive definition of “healthy.” So when we encourage you to elevate your heart rate, we won’t mean just on the treadmill!
All-encompassing wellness
Look for ways to cover all the bases and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of investing in every area of your well-being:
  • Work it: Cut back on your couch-potato time and get moving. Bring your body to the gym. Or a yoga class. Or an SJU intramural team.
  • Exercise your mind: Take in an extra lecture; a Soup and Substance lunch; or a probing, thought-provoking after-class discussion.
  • Link up: Seek out a supportive group of friends. You’ll find them around every corner at St. Jerome’s. A shared problem is a smaller problem.
  • Let go and have fun: If laughter is the best medicine, the good times planned for you through Student Affairs are the only prescription you’ll need!
  • Nourish your body: Dig into the nutritious choices in the cafeteria. Or sign up for an interactive cooking class at the Buttery. 
  • Expand your world view to help others: Turns out opening your heart is good for it. So participate in a Service Learning program, Relay for Life, or your House charity fundraising event.
  • Stretch your spiritual muscles: The healing powers of prayer, meditation, and even singing in a choir are all well documented. So hook up with the Campus Ministry team and keep your inner psyche tuned up.
  • Strengthen your community: SJU is like a warm security blanket that enfolds everyone and keeps them safe. So get involved, do your part, lift your spirits, and feel good!
Extra challenges? You’ll have people for that!
Think of SJU as a support app you can tap into for help with any bumpy patches along your way. You’ll have your network of SJU friends, plus the sympathetic ears and encouragement of SJU professors and staff. And your dual SJU-Waterloo status means double-barrelled support – main-campus services are open to you, too. Here’s a sampling of what’s available:
At St. Jerome’s:
  • Student Affairs offers workshops, advice about your studies, and assistance with student life. They’ll help you find what or who you need anywhere on campus.
  • Your SJU Academic Advisor can answer your questions about courses, degree requirements, timetabling, and more.
  • If you’re in residence, your Don is always there for you – to help with the transition to university life, to listen, and to be your back-up person.
  • Campus Ministry staff will guide your exploration of spiritual and social justice issues.
On main campus:
  • Health Services houses doctors, nurses, dietitians, and counsellors in a daytime medical clinic right next door.
  • Counselling Services has professionals ready to help with personal and social growth, life difficulties, crisis situations, stress management, mindfulness, coping skills, and more.
  • The Centre for Career Action is the place to find career counselling plus individual and group sessions for building your résumé-writing, job-search, and interview skills.
  • Co-operative Education personnel can fill you in on how co-op works.
  • AccessAbility Services will help you address challenges related to any accessibility needs.
  • Waterloo’s Student Success Office provides additional workshops and study tools.