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A Safe Return to Campus

A Message from our President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. Peter Meehan
Throughout the challenging COVID-19 circumstances over the past two years, our employees have remained committed to the mission of our university and the safety of our campus. As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, we look forward to the return of all members of the SJU community – students, our worshipping groups, guests attending events, colleagues, and visitors to our campus.
Our return to campus cross-departmental team continues to work daily to ensure safety protocols are in place that we continue to follow as we act on the mission of our university and ensure student success. Our faculty and Contract Academic Staff have been tireless in their efforts to provide a valued and meaningful academic experience. Members of our Student Affairs team provide advising, counselling, and campus ministry support. Our Students’ Union “Resource List” and other Student Leader initiatives have provided new and creative ways to deliver clubs and programming and to keep our students connected and engaged in their SJU experience. Our leadership team is grateful for these efforts that support the spirit of “community” that SJU is well-known for.
While we remain in transition, please use our COVID-19 website pages and the University of Waterloo’s “Welcome Back Guide” to learn more about our safe return to campus. We will continue to make every effort to keep these pages current with the most recent information, as we follow protocols that will remain in place throughout the remainder of the winter 2022 term.
Dr. Peter Meehan
President and Vice Chancellor
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