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COVID-19 Response

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Responding to COVID-19 at St. Jerome's University


At Dana Hospitality, our Operations, Resource and Executive Leadership teams have been collaborating in groups, pouring over available information from regional, provincial and federal health authorities, to ensure that we're matching international best practices. We have been revising our Quality Assurance, Food Safety, Health & Safety, Purchasing and Sustainability protocols so that we're ready to hit the ground running when our operations reopen for business.


Safety Assurance 

Dana Hospitality has always strived to provide the highest safety standard possible in every day operations. Safety does not occur by chance, it is the result of ongoing training and careful attention by every Dana employee - from our culinary team and operations directors to our dedicated office staff. Our company has always, and will always work diligently to ensure that our cafés are a safe and healthy place for customers and employees.


Going forward, when any customer walks into one of our cafés, our culinary behaviours will be our demonstration that our company holds wellness and safety in a high regard, ensuring that employees and customers are protected from potential hazards such as COVID-19, food borne illnesses and unsafe work practices.


Customers can expect that our company has:

  • Thorough ongoing hazard identification and risk assessments; identified infection, food and workplace safety hazards
  • Removed any hazard from the café; or implemented effective controls of the hazard
  • Proof that workers have been provided with training on food and workplace safety procedures
  • Proof that workers have the tools needed to prepare food safely and to work safely
  • Some of the changes that we are making to our safety processes include:
    • Online training portal for all workers. The Portal will provide Infection Control back to work policy; Annual Safety Talks, new worker orientation training resources. We will be able to monitor employee safety training compliance
    • Infection Control Program – Standards, Standard Operating Procedure, tracking reports to ensure the safety of our culinary production and customer service.
    • Infection control measures including temperature checking of employees prior to work, contactless cash, social distancin in front and back of the house so that we are able to monitor the wellness of our employees
    • Third party inspection platform to ensure compliance with our safety standards
    • New Personal Protective Equipment protocols including everyday wearing of nitrile gloves, masks, cashier station guards
    • Online TrainCan® food safety training, with proctoring by Julia Fawcett, an independent Food and Workplace Safety Auditors so that we can ensure that all workers are provided with food safety certification
    • Return to Work Check-in Guide that will ensure that our employees returning to work after the current COVID-19 crisis are well and are provided with information on our new infection control processes
    • Customer facing education program of posters, materials, surveys, etc. that will demonstrate that we are providing our customers with a safe café


Current Students