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COAGRO - Ecuador
The COAGRO Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998. Their aim is to support the social and economic development of the Andean communities of Northern Ecuador, particularly through the empowerment of women.
They are committed to working directly with the indigenous populations of their partner communities to understand and address their needs, and to support their small business enterprises. The COAGRO Foundation's partner communities consist of four women's associations based in four different communities within the Pichincha and Imbabura provinces.
For more information, please visit COAGRO's website.
COAGRO Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 1998 with the aim of supporting the social development of the Andean communities of northern Ecuador, with a focus on rural women.
They are currently working on the development of the local economy, SPIs, and the formation of an alliance with the producers in the Pedro Moncayo Canton (Pichincha Province), which includes 22 indigenous communities in the region.
They strengthen organizational processes of their business partners in the communities of Pedro Moncayo Canton regardless of their political or religious nature. They manage marketing and solidarity projects in coordination with their development partners.
Their main areas of work are:
  • Technology training.
  • Promotion of organic agriculture and food quality.
  • Genetic improvement.
  • Promoting cultural exchange and experience with students and professionals from different countries.
  • Supporting artificial irrigation.
  • Development of native forest species.
  • Marketing of rural products.
  • Promotion of rural women's micro-finance groups.
  • Strengthening of self-help organizations (OAA)


COAGRO works to promote sustainable social and economic develpoment within rural indigenous communities and to improve their quality of life.


COAGRO envisions a productive environment within their indigenous communities that is equal, just, and sustainable


The COAGRO Foundation prioritizes the empowerment of women because they recognize that their participation is integral to the social and economic development of their communities. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of increasing food sovereignty within their communities as a source of improved health and income for the indigenous people.