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Caring Partners Global - Kenya
Caring Partners Global (CPG) is an inter-denominational charitable organization that seeks to empower and engage under-privileged communities through promoting health and hope, leading to sustainable development. CPG's four areas of focus include health care, education, life skills and agriculture with the goal of changing lives, one community at a time. 
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Stephen Scott immigrated to Canada from his rural home, Matagnwe, in the 1970s and returned to marry Sylvia, who had grown up nearby. The couple built a comfortable life in Waterloo, Ontario - he as a teacher, and she as a nurse turned healthcare administrator - and together they raised four children.


In 1994, while Sylvia visited Kenya to help her sick mother, the Matagnwe community asked the Scotts to partner with them to build a medical clinic. The couple knew they could not say no, having lost many relatives to the HIV/AIDS crisis. With Stephen's passion and Sylvia's expertise in medical administration, they raised most of the funds from residents of Waterloo Region to build a primary health care clinic. This served as the launch pad for a comprehensive program of sustainable healthcare, education, life skills and agricultural initiatives.


Engaged, equipped and sustainable communities.



To facilitate sustainable development in disadvantaged communities through strategic partnerships.